Posting, Moving or Editing Timesheets

Posting timesheets is an optional process that your agency can put in place. Marking timesheets as posted, can act like an approval process for submitted time. Use Posting to confirm that timesheets are connected to the correct job prior to invoicing, and/ or to ensure timesheets are being filled in correctly.  

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Searching for Unposted Timesheets

To find all the unposted Timesheets in your system, begin by hovering over Timesheets in the main navigation bar, and choosing Find Timesheet. In the Timesheet Find page you can search for all timesheets that haven't been posted by selecting the "No" radio button.  Hit Find Timesheets when ready.

If you want to find specific unposted Timesheets, enter any known data, like Staff Name or Job Number, and then Find Timesheets.

You will get a resulting list view which you can sort by any column header, and control the on-screen content via the Manage Columns button.

Posting Timesheets

From the resulting list, you can also mark all the timesheets list as Posted, just by clicking the "Post" button.

Auto-Post Timesheets

Auto-Post Timesheets

There is a setting by which you can choose to have timesheets automatically marked as Posted once they are included on an Invoice. To use this setting, navigate to the Admin area, under System Set Up > System Preference.

On the tab called Invoice, click the box to "Auto Post Timesheets on Invoice Create." Click Submit in the bottom right corner of the page to save this system change.

Moving or Editing a Timesheet

Should you see a Timesheet that needs editing, you can do so - provided you have the required user permissions. Click into any Timesheet from your list view.

From the Timesheet Details view, click Edit Details.

All of the fields are now open, and you can change the details of the timesheet entry as needed - perhaps you need to increase or decrease the amount of time, or move the time to another Job or Service Group.  Click Submit when ready.

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