Transfer Hours from One Job to Another

You or a member of your team may inadvertently track Time to the wrong Job, or need to move time to a different Job for another reason.

Please review this article to learn how to move tracked Time from one Job to another Job in your fp. system.

Find the Timesheet

First thing you'll want to do, is find the Timesheet that needs to be moved. There are a couple of ways you can do this.

If you know some details about this Timesheet, your best bet might be to search for it within the Timesheets module. Hover over Timesheets in the main navigation bar, and choose Find Timesheet.

Use any of the available fields to narrow down your search. For example, perhaps you know the person who tracked the time, and a date range in which it was tracked.

Click Find Timesheets when ready.

From the resulting list of Timesheets, click on the one you wish to change. We'll look at editing the time further into this article.

Alternately, if you know the Job to which the time was tracked, you can easily access the Timesheets via that Job. From the Job page, pick the Timesheets tab.

From this tab, I just need to click on the Timesheet I wish to move.

Edit the Timesheet

Once you select your Timesheet, you'll be ready to edit. From the Basic Info tab of the Timesheet, click Edit Details.

The Timesheet content is now editable. In this example, I want to move these hours from Job 1329, to Job 1338. Click into the Job field to delete the current content, and input new content.

As the Job information has now changed, the system needs me to select the time trackable Service these 2 hours should go. From the drop down menu, I'll see time trackable Services on Estimate/ Job 1338.

Once I'm done with my changes, I click Submit to save them.

What about Billed Timesheets?

We do not recommend that you move Timesheets that have the status Billed - meaning they have been included on an Invoice. With the right amount of system permissions, it can be done, but it also puts your accounting system at risk for being out of whack.

If you truly need to move a Billed Timesheet, we advise that you delete and re-make the Invoice. Above, on this Timesheet view, I can see that these 2 hours were included on Invoice Number 1334-1. So I would find that Invoice, delete it, and then move this Timesheet to another Job. I could then remake the Invoice for Job 1334.

If the Invoice is already Posted and/ or Exported, it may be best to not pursue moving this tracked time.

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