Tracking Time to a Job

Tracking time in FP is very straight forward, with time being trackable at both the Job and Task levels.

Please review this article to learn how to track Time to an open Job from the Dashboard.

Using the Timesheet Panel on the Dashboard

The Timesheet panel is located on the left hand side of the "Classic" Dashboard view. With the ability to Customize Your Dashboard, you may have moved the Timesheet panel to a different spot.

Also on the "Classic" Dashboard, you will see the Jobs panel in the center, top of the page.

Note that you can change the sort order of the Jobs, just by clicking any of the column headers. The grey arrow will indicate by which column you are sorting. In addition, you may just choose to see less results, by only showing "My Jobs" - aka Jobs on which you are listed as a Contact, on the Contacts tab of the Job.

Scroll through the list of Jobs to find the one that you want to submit a Timesheet for.  Click on the clock icon on the left hand side of the Job Number. This will populate the Job field on the Timesheet panel.

  1. Enter the duration of time you worked towards the Job. We recommend breaking your time down by the quarter hour: 0.25 = 15 minutes, 0.5 = 30 minutes, 0.75 = 45 minutes, 1 = 1 hour. (Note that staff can track time using a Start/ Stop clock if they prefer. This is setup in the Admin area.)
  2. From the Service dropdown menu, select the Time Trackable Service you worked on. Note that the Service Group and Services displayed in the dropdown list are based on the data in the Estimate for this Job.
  3. Optionally add in a description of the work performed.
  4. Click Submit when ready.

The time now appears in the bottom portion of the Timesheet window. It can be edited or deleted as needed.

Using the Weekly View

Using the Weekly View

If you track your Time using Duration you will have the option to add your Timesheets in the Weekly View. Using the Weekly View will allow you to quickly add time against multiple jobs and days of the week. To add your Timesheets using this view, click the Weekly View button in the Timesheet panel.  

The weekly view will list Jobs you have recently tracked Time against, and you can add as many more as you like to the open bottom row. Simply enter part of the Job name, Client name, or Job number, and tab out of the field. The FP system will then either complete the field for you, or show you a list of close matches to choose from. Then select the time trackable Service, and then your hours across the selected week.

Changes will save as you go.

Click Close in the top right when done.

If you would prefer to watch a brief video on this subject, please navigate here: Submitting a Timesheet - Training Video  

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