How to Use Job/Docket Costing to Add Bulk Time

This article will review how you can add bulk time to a Job. Generally this feature is used by new users of Function Point that would like to bring over closed Jobs, or Jobs that are open that already have Timesheets added against them in another system. This function can also be useful if staff have forgotten to add in Timesheets for a Job and the date is now past a time they can track to. This feature is not intended to be used on an ongoing basis or meant to replace the regular Timetracking capabilities in FP.

For additional methods on tracking Time for others, please review this article: Tracking Time for Other Staff

Step 1: Turn on the Job Costing routine preference

Step 1: Turn on the Job Costing routine preference

Go to Admin > System Set Up > System Preferences. Please note that access to the Admin area is permission based.

Next, go to the Time Tab and select the Job Costing Routine tick box. You can also choose to enter default wording to be used on time added via the Job Costing method.  Click the Submit button, which you will see in the bottom right of the page, when done.

Step 2: Add time against the Job

Once the setting for Job Costing is on, you will see the Job Costing button on any Job page. Click on the button to add time.

You will land on the Job Costing page. Follow the steps below:

  1. Pick from the available Time-Trackable Services on this Job.
  2. Optionally choose a date, and enter a description of the work done during the time. The date and description will carry to any staff you enter hours for in the next step.
  3. The default wording will show, but can also be changed.
  4. Enter hours for each staff person who did work on this Service for this Job.

The hours you enter against a person, will multiply by the hourly rate for the Service, and display both a total, and the desired Timesheet description.

Click Bulk Add Hours & Continue Adding More, if you need to add hours to the other services or Bulk Add Hours & Finish if done.

When you choose to continue to add more time to the other time trackable Services, you'll have the same options regarding a Start Date and Timesheet Description.

The time you input will feed directly into the Job Financials, and can be easily reviewed from the Timesheets tab of the Job.

Although Job Costing should not replace regular Time Tracking by staff, it can be a handy way to get bulk chunks of time added to your Jobs.

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