Work Planning View FAQs

We've received lots of great questions about our Work Planning View, and wanted share both those questions and answers with all our customers.  

Please refer to this article for the most frequently asked questions regarding the Work Planning View.

Q: How do I give or take away access to the Work Planning View?

A: Manage which staff users are able to see the Work Planning View via their permission settings. Access to staff permissions is located within the Admin menu under Rate and Staff Management > Manage Staff Rates and Permissions.

Within the grouping of permissions for Tasks, select (or de-select) the Task | Resources Link permission. This permission gives your users access to both the Resourcing View as well as the Work Planning View.

Q: What Tasks appear in this view?

A: On the Work Planning View you will see Tasks that have start and or due dates from today to the next 30 days ahead. It is a short-term forecasting view.

To appear on this view the Task needs:

  • To be in a Task status of Draft, Assigned or In Progress
  • To be assigned to an individual, not their Role
  • To have a start date and/ or due date within the 30 days displayed

Tasks that are in a status of Assigned or In Progress appearing in blue. Tasks that are in a status of Draft appearing in purple.

Q: How is the Work Planning View different to the Resource Allocation View?

If you currently use the Resource Allocation view, you may be wondering what the difference is between the two views. You will get a different understanding of your workload, and the workload of your team depending on the view you use. Please refer to the table above for the key differences between these views in the system.

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