Accessing the Task Full Screen View

The Tasks/To Dos full screen view allows you to both see, filter and manage all your Tasks easily, and with plenty of screen real estate. Please review this article to learn the 2 best ways to access this view.

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Option 1 - From the Dashboard

From the Tasks/ To Dos tile on your Dashboard, click the arrow button in the top right of the tile.

You will land on the full screen view. Click the Dashboard icon to get back to your previous screen, or navigate using the main nav bar as needed. Click on any listed Task to move to a detailed view of that Task.

Option 2 - From the Main Navigation Bar

Hover over Tasks in the main navigation bar, and choose Tasks/ To Dos. This will also take you to the full screen view.

Viewing & Filtering Information

The additional screen real estate of the full screen view makes it easy to see what is on your plate, or tasked out to team members or groups of team members.

You can also readily re-order the list by clicking any column header. To clear your sort, use the Clear Sort button on the far right.

Use any of the filters across the top to get a view of what is important to you. The on screen data will change once you make a selection.

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