Assigning Tasks at the Role Level

Breaking down work into a series of Tasks for your staff is a great way to get the right person from your team working on a particular call to action. In fp. you will be immediately able to assign a Task to a staff member by name, but you can also set things up so you can assign a Task to staff members under the same Role in your organization. Please review this article to learn more.

Set Up Your System to Enable Roles

The first step is to make sure that you have staff roles activated.  To do this go to Admin >  System Set Up > System Preferences. Choose the tab called Work.

Tick the box for Staff Roles, and click Submit (bottom right of screen) to save your changes.

Now move over to the Task tab. Here, you'll need to tick the box to 'Share Tasks Between Role's Staff' and then click Submit to save this change.

Create Role Names

Create Role Names

Next you will want to create some Roles in your system. Again from the Admin menu, choose System Set-Up > List Maintenance .

Pick "Role" from the Select a List on the left, which will populate the editable area on the right. Here, you can create new Role names, edit current one, and/ or mark any Roles as Active or Inactive. Click Save to keep your changes.

Associate Staff to a Role

Associate Staff to a Role

Each staff member can be associated to a single Role. To set staff to a role, go to the Admin menu and choose Rate and Staff Management > Staff, Staff Rates and Permissions.

You will land on your Staff List. Here, you can see in the Role column, if a staff member already has a role assigned, or if they remain under the No Role role. To add or change a staff role, click on the name of that staff member.

Select the Role from the menu and click the Submit button to save your changes.

Note: If Role Rates are set up, you will see a warning that changing the role will change this individual staff's rate.  Please see this article on Role Rates for more information.

Assigning Tasks to a Role

Assigning Tasks to a Role operates just as assigning Tasks to an individual. When creating or editing Tasks (like here on a Task detail view), simply pick the Role name, rather than the staff name in the Assigned To field.

The same result can be achieved from within a Schedule in the (Assigned) To field for any Task row.

Seeing Tasks Assigned to the Role Level

Tasks assigned to the Role can be seen on the Dashboard, in the Tasks/ To Dos tile. Simply filter the list to see Tasks that are "Assigned to My Role" or "Assigned to Me or My Role."

The list updates immediately. As I have the Role of Copywritier, I can now see Tasks with both my initials (EL) in the "To" column, as well as the initials for my Role (CR).

Tracking Time to a Role Level Task

Tracking Time to a Role Level Task

I have two options when it comes time to track time to a Task that was assigned to the Role level:

  1. Track time to this Task as I would any Task assigned directly to me.
  2. "Take" the Task for myself and then track time as normal.

Option 1

When you are ready to start working on the Role level Task, move the status to In Progress.  

This has generated the time tracking icon next to the Task. Clicking it populates my Timesheet. I can now input how long I worked on this Task.

With this option the Task remains as assigned to the role of Copywriter.  Other people under this Role, can also track time on their own Dashboards to this one Task.

Option 2

If only one person under the Role wants to be the lead on the Task, or should be the only person working on it, they can "take" the Task. The Task will need to be in the status of Assigned for this to work. Begin by clicking on the Task Title or ID from the Dashboard.

You will land on the detail view of this Task. You do not need to Edit Details, and can just click "Accept" to make the task your own.

The Task is now assigned to me, rather than my Role.

We hope you'll find this information about Tasks and Role level assignments to be of help. And we welcome your questions or concerns:


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