Currency Options in fp.

Function Point is a single currency system. However, you can choose which currency symbol to use, as well as apply a currency conversion on invoice printouts. Please review this article to learn more.

Setting the Currency Symbol

Currency symbols appear throughout the system, wherever dollar values display. By default, the currency symbol will be a dollar sign.

To change the symbol, navigate to Admin > System Set Up > Office Preferences.

Click Edit Details.

What you enter here can be letters or a more traditional currency symbol. If you make any changes to this page, click Submit.

Note that if you have more than one Office, you can have a different currency symbol for each one.

Setting Up Currency Types

If you need to show the values you're invoicing in an alternate currency on your invoice printout, you will first need to set those currencies up in the back end. Begin by navigating to Admin > System Set Up > List Maintenance.

Choose the list named Currency Type - that will populate the the editable view on the right side of the page.

  1. Click Add New to get a new line for the list.
  2. Give the currency a name - such as GBP for the British Pound.
  3. Associate the currency to a symbol.
  4. Enter the rate by which the currency of the invoice should be multiplied by for the printout in the alternate currency. Note that you will need to update value this manually. Be mindful of this if you are looking to convert to currencies that fluctuate in value significantly and regularly.
  5. Choose which side of the dollar value the currency symbol should display.
  6. Choose to make one currency the default currency for your invoices.
  7. To make this currency available for use, make sure it us marked as Active.

Click Save to keep your changes.

Choosing the Currency on an Invoice

From my Job, I choose to create an Invoice, and follow the subsequent steps.

My invoice total is for $1800 in my default currency - Canadian. To change the currency on the printout, choose the Basic Info tab.

Click Edit Details.

From the Currency drop down menu, I can see the currency types I set up in List Maintenance. I'm selecting US Dollars in this instance. Click Submit (bottom right of page) to save this change.

My Currency selection has now updated to USD. Note that the invoice values on screen have not changed, just the Currency field. From the top right, I can now Print this invoice.

On the printout, my $1800 Canadian, has multiplied at the percentage of my choosing (1.5000) for a US Dollar total of $2700. Had I set an alternate currency symbol for this currency, that would show here as well.

We hope you'll find this document helpful when needing to handle alternate currencies on your invoices. And we welcome your questions or concerns:


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