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Through the Projects module, you can easily organize a multitude of Jobs for the same client. A Project Level Estimate is a great way to share your proposed pricing for a work that has several separate deliverables, that you have organized within a Project.

Please review this article to learn how to add your own Terms and Conditions to this client facing document.

Where to access Project level Terms?

Where to access Project level Terms?

Project level  terms and conditions are created and accessed in the Admin area of your system under List Maintenance.

Add to or Edit Terms

From the left side (Select a List) choose "Project Terms." You will then see your current terms listed on the right.

You can now easily add a new set of terms for the Project level Estimate:

  1. Click the Add New button.
  2. Give the new set of Terms a name (required) and content.
  3. If you want to be able to start using these terms right away, make sure they are marked as Active.
  4. If you want a particular set of terms to be used as the default, click the radio button in the row for that set of terms.

Click Save when ready.

If you need or want to edit any current terms, just click into the content, and type your changes. Again, making sure to click Save to store any changes.

Using Terms on a Project

You will be able to apply Project Terms to any new or current Project in your system. Required fields are marked in blue, making Terms an optional field. Here, I can pick from the 2 sets of Terms I have in my system.

On any Project that is already present in my system, I can add Terms. From the Basic Info tab of the Project, click Edit Details.

Then select the Terms you want to use, and click Submit.

Seeing Terms on a Project Estimate printout

When I'm ready to print up a Project level Estimate, I first need to go to the Estimate tab for that Project. Here, I can pick which Estimates I want to show on the printout.

From the Print menu, I can then print from up to 3 variations of this Project Estimate printout. Here in my system, I am only using the standard version.

To learn about branding this printout, and/ or adjusting what shows on this printout, please review these articles:

Any my Terms & Conditions display for me/ my client, as expected.

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