Bulk Editing your Schedule

Once you have created a Schedule or Schedule Template in your system, you may want to make sweeping changes to a large part or all of the content. To do so, you have a couple of places through which you can do this. Please review this article to learn the current best practices for making bulk changes to Schedules.

Using the Gantt View

When you navigate to any Schedule in your system, you will land on the Grid View by default. From the Gantt View though, you can make bulk changes to the start and/ or due dates of Tasks within a Task Group, a selection of Tasks, or the entire Schedule.

Click the Gantt View button to begin.

Move a Task Group and all of its associated Tasks: Click, drag and drop the Task Group and all of its Tasks to a different start and end date range.    

Move a selection of Tasks from more than one Task Group: Select multiple Tasks along the left, and drag and drop multiple Tasks at once to different start and end dates. The Tasks selected will highlight across their row.

Move the dates of the entire Schedule: Select the entire list of Tasks with the topmost tick box on the left. Then click and drag all of the items within the Schedule to the preferred new start or due date. Tasks will fall onto the calendar with respect to your available Office Hours as set in the Work Calendar. For example, Tasks will not fall onto Saturdays or Sundays if your Office is not open on those days.

These bulk changes you make on the Gantt will be immediately reflected throughout your fp. system.

Using the Old Edit View

From either the Grid or Gantt Views, you can access our Old Edit View. Why are we leaving something "old" around you ask? Well, until such time as we can offer a new bulk edit option, we want users to have a familiar way to make sweeping changes. The look and feel of this page is older though, and not a great reflection of the current Grid View. We also have labeled it as "old" to let you know it will be put out to pasture eventually.

Click the Old Edit View button to begin.

This tab operates a lot like a spreadsheet. Here, you can choose to change a selection of Tasks, or the entire list - just pick the rows you want to affect via the tick boxes along the far left.

Selected rows will highlight in green. Then simply use the top row and change content. For the example above, let's say I want to change the Service on these Tasks from Research to Sketching/ Roughs.

All I need to do is pick that Service from the top row.

The selected rows are now showing this new Service. And if I've made a mistake, I can either re-select the old Service in the top row, or click the "R" to reset the field values. (Note that the "C" will clear fields out)

Repeat these steps to make changes to the Schedule. Be certain to click Save & Continue or Save & Finish to keep these changes. Both buttons are at the bottom right of the page.

Adjust Dates Action

Should you need to change the start or due date or all or a big portion of the Schedule, you can make use of the Adjust Dates action.

On the resulting window:

  1. Choose to change the Schedule based on the first or last date within the Schedule.
  2. Choose to override the settings of your Office and the Work Calendar. You can tell the system to let work land on dates you may not normally be open, like Saturday or Sunday.
  3. An an alternative to selecting irregular work days in the row above, tell the system to (for example) keep a Task as taking 4 days to start and complete, even if that will mean the start or due date lands on a day your Office is not set as open.

Click Adjust Dates once you've made your selection.

Changes will be highlighted in blue. Be sure to Save (bottom right) before leaving this screen.

Changes you make either via the Gantt or Old Edit View will be immediately reflected on the Grid View and Task Details pages.

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Feedback Welcome

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