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Your fp. system includes all you'll need to manage your agency - from Estimating to Time Tracking and Invoicing. Under the Admin area of the system, where you can set up a lot of your behind-the-scenes settings, there are Office Preferences. This section is one which you'll want to make sure is set up properly, before you go live with fp.

Please review this article to learn what to review under Office Preferences for your own system.

How to access?

How to access?

To access Office Preferences, go to Admin > System Set Up > Office Preferences.

Note that access to this area of the system is permission based.

Viewing & editing

You will land on the Basic Info tab of your Office Details. Confirm that your correct Company Name and Company location information is correct. If this information is out of date or incorrect, you will need to make changes under the Companies module in the main part of the system.

The remainder of the page is made up of content that you can edit from here. Click the Edit Details button.

There are a handful of fields you'll want to be sure are set correctly for your agency:

  1. Time Zone - select from the long list here, to ensure your Office is set for the proper location.
  2. Fiscal Year - select the calendar month that starts your fiscal year.
  3. Accounting Package - pick the accounting program you use. This selection will impact the format your invoice content exports out as. If you are using our fp. Accountant tool, you can leave this area be for now. This will be handled during the set up and training on the fp. Accountant tool.
  4. Currency Symbol - From your keyboard, or via copy/ paste, enter the symbol you wish to have show on printouts that show dollar values.
  5. Territory - The content of this field is controlled via List Maintenance. Several clients use this field as part of their CRM and sales tracking in fp.  Examples you might use would be Eastern Territory (for your Office in Boston), or Western Territory (for your Office in Portland). Feel free to leave this field empty, as it will have no massive impact in your system.

Click Submit when ready.  

Additional Offices

If you had more than one Office, you would see it on the Office List tab.

Learn more about setting up another Office in this article: Multiple Offices, Office Separation and Cost Centers  

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