Removing or Marking as Inactive - Service Groups & Services

Your base system will have included a suggested Service Group and Services structure. You can begin to use FP with this structure, or edit it to suit the wording and service offerings of your agency.

To learn how to add to these Service Groups and Services please review this article: Adding Service Groups & Services

Please review this article to learn how to remove or de-activate Services or Service Groups.

Services (including Internal Services, Internal Expenses and External Expenses can only be deleted if they have never been included in work on your system. If you are unable to delete a Service, we recommend you mark is as Inactive, rather than rename it.

Service level

Remove an Internal Service

Let's begin with the Service level. From the Admin menu, choose Manage Services and Expenses, Then select either Internal (Hourly) Services, Internal Expenses ($/Unit Sold) or External Expenses (% Mark Up) depending on which you want to edit.

For this example, we'll choose Internal (Hourly) Services.

You will land on the list of Internal Services that are already in the system.  From the list, click the Code, Name or Edit button on the row for Internal Service you wish to remove or de-activate.

Click the Edit Details button.

  1. If you have never used this Service on an Estimate or Job, you can choose to delete it from the system entirely.
  2. If this service has been used on an Estimate or Job, you will not be able to delete it. We recommend you move these Services to an Inactive Status. That way the work record remains intact, but this Service won't be available to pick when creating future work.

Click Submit to save any changes. And repeat these steps to remove or deactivate other Services.

This shows you a list of the Internal Expenses that are already in the system.  A red dot in the Status column indicates that the Expense is inactive (and thus, cannot be added to any future estimates).

From the list, select the Internal Expense you wish to remove or de-activate.

Remove the Service from the Service Group

Deleting or marking a Service as Inactive will not remove it from the Service Group in the Admin area, but it will no longer be selectable when adding new work. You can choose to take the extra step to remove the Service from the Service Group quite quickly.

From the Admin menu choose Service and Expense Management > Service Groups.

Click the Code or Name of the group.


Choose the Service List tab, and  scroll to find the Service. You should see it marked with an inactive status icon. Simply click the X on the same row. The change will save immediately.

Service Group level

You can choose to remove or mark an entire Service Group as Inactive. As with Services, you will only be able to delete the group if it has never been used on an Estimate or Job.

From the list of group names, click on the one you wish to edit.


Click Edit Details.


Uncheck the Active Status box, and click the Save button to keep this change.

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