Introduction to the New Schedule View

We're happy to announce that the most recent improvements to our Schedules, will now be set as your default view on this module. Up until now,  you've been able to access newer features on the Preview New Schedule tab.

Please review this article for a walk-through of the features and ways to work with this area of the system.

Landing on a Current Schedule

You can access any of the Schedules in your system just the same - from the main navigation bar, via a search, or from other modules like Companies and Jobs. Now though, when you land on that Schedule, you will immediately be in the new view.

Here on the Schedule tab, you can immediately begin to edit the Schedule content - no more need to pick an edit mode before you can begin. All the Schedule related fields are here - use as many or as few as you need in order to build out and manage the work you do.

Move through fields easily and quickly - use your mouse and/ or tab key to navigate from field to field, row by row.

Cool Bells & Whistles

Cool Bells & Whistles

Use the side arrows to expand or collapse Task Groups.

Use the drop down arrow to easily add or copy Tasks within a Task Group.

You can also use the copy button at the Task level.

This will create an exact copy of a Task on the next row. Any of the content can be changed as needed.

You can also easily drag and drop Tasks within the Schedule, or entire Task Groups and their associated Tasks. Drag and drop using the dot icons on the far left of any Task or group.

Creating a New Schedule

Should you choose to make a new Schedule, you will land on the same screen, where you can give the Schedule a name, and choose to base it on a saved Schedule Template.

Once you click Submit, you'll land in a blank version of the new view, where you can use the New Group and New Task buttons to start building in Schedule content.

Bulk Edits & Adjust Dates

Bulk edit features, and the Adjust Dates function will soon be on this view, but for now, we're asking you to go into a separate tab should you need to make that manner of change to the Schedule content.

Should you make any changes on this view, be sure to click Save & Continue, or Save & Finish when done. Clicking Save & Finish will take you back to the main Schedule view.

Further Learning

Further Learning

We hope you'll enjoy using the new view of the Schedules module.

There are plenty of other articles to teach you more about Schedules, Tasks and related workflows. Looks for them in their related Library section. And we welcome your questions or concerns via email:


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