Introduction to the New Gantt View

We're really excited to be releasing a new Gantt view this week. This is an initial step in our move towards a more visual approach to workflow management for creative agencies. Our goal is to ultimately make the planning process easier and faster, and adding this Gantt view is the newest enhancement to the scheduling and tasking module of Function Point.

Where to access this new view

Navigate to any Schedule in your system. By default, you will land on the Grid View, but just click Gantt View to access this new area.

At this time, the Gantt View is in view-only mode. You are able to see your Schedule content in a meaningful, visual way though. Here on my Gantt I can see:

  1. The date span of my Schedule, from the date of the first task to the last. The Gantt can display up to 52 weeks at this time.
  2. The Task name, number and initials of the person or role assigned to the Task.
  3. A deeper blue representation of the time span to complete the Tasks within this Task Group.
  4. A lighter blue representation of the time span allocated to complete particular Tasks within this group. The date also displays here, as well as the Task Status.
  5. Grey and white to represent days my Office is in operation/ open. This content pulls from the Work Calendar.

As I scroll down the Gantt View, I can easily identify Tasks that have yet to be assigned out, or given start and due dates.

And as I scroll horizontally, I can see where my last Task(s) fall. Again, the Gantt can show up to 52 weeks at this time.

Any changes you make and save on the Grid View, will be immediately reflected on the Gantt View.

What's Next?

What's Next?

Future iterations of the Gantt view will include building new task types and features that have adjustability and interactivity — such as predecessor dependencies, recurring tasks, meeting tasks and milestones. Working closely with a number of clients, we know how rapidly things change on projects — tasks may be moved around, added, or canceled. Users need to be able to see the status of a project at a glance, and that’s why we’re focusing on the visual piece so much.

Please direct your Gantt feedback to, and any technical questions or concerns to


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