Using Cost Centers - Internal Agencies

Some of the internal agencies we work with, have set up each department or division within their organization a Company in Function Point. Setting up each department as a company, allows them to track work to individual Cost Centres. Please review this article to learn more.

If you have not added departments as part of your Data Import to fp., you can certainly add them manually. Hover over COMPANIES in the main navigation bar and choose, Add Company.

Next, add the department as an fp. Company and add the cost center code in the Company Code field for tracking purposes. Add in the remaining required information and hit submit.Next, you will need to add the cost center codes in list maintenance so that the codes appear as drop-down options in the Job Details and Add Brief pages. Each department is set up as a company in fp. and all of the employees that work for that department are added as contacts that sit under that company record. The cost center codes are added into fp. and are available as a drop-down option in the Job Details page. Users can also track briefs to cost center codes. You will then be able to produce reports on job financial information by department or cost center.


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