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The inclusion of Cost Centers can be a part of your organization's workflow - many of our in-house agency clients use Cost Centers to track the work they do for different departments. So Cost Center examples may include the Research & Development Department, Marketing Department, or Customer Service Department.

Please review this article to learn how to set up Cost Centres in your system.

Step 1.  Activate the Use of Cost Centers

Step 1.  Activate the Use of Cost Centers

To activate the use of Cost Centres within your system navigate to Admin > System Set Up > System Preferences.

You will land on a tab called System. Tick the box for Cost Centers and click Submit.

Step 2.   Name Your Cost Centers

Step 2.   Name Your Cost Centers

Again from the Admin menu, choose System Set Up > List Maintenance.

On the left side of the page, choose Cost Center. This will populate the Edit List Items area on the right, and display any Cost Centers already in your system. Click into any item to edit it, drag and drop to re-order, and add more items with the Add New button.

Click Save to keep any changes.

Step 3.  Assign a Cost Centre to a Company Record , Brief and/ or Job

A Cost Center can be associated to a Company, Brief, and/ or Job. To add to Company page, click the Edit Details button.

Then make your selection from the Cost Center menu. Click Submit to save your changes.

When adding or editing a Brief, you will also see the option to associate a Cost Center.

And when editing the Basic Info tab of any Job, you will also see this Cost Center field.

Step 4. Viewing Cost Center Usage

You can find any Company, Brief or Job in your system by virtue of the Cost Center field. Above, I'm finding Jobs by the Cost Center called "Design 410."

This will generate a list view of my Jobs using that Cost Center. To include Cost Center data in this on-screen view, click Manage Columns.

From the Advanced tab, click Cost Center. Use the preview panel to drag/ drop this column into the order of your choosing. Click Save Columns when ready.

My list of Jobs now includes Cost Center information.

Repeat these steps to see Cost Center information pertaining to Companies and/ or Briefs.

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