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Setting up Staff Roles for Use with Role Rates

If your Rates differ depending on the Role of the staff person, then setting up Role Rates is the best way to structure the Rates in your system.  This works only when your staff members can be given a single, defined Role - the naming of Roles is up to you, but there is a one-to-one relationship of a staff member to a Role.

Please review this article to learn how to set up Staff Roles, so that you can successfully use Role Rates for your work.

Allow Roles in the System

Allow Roles in the System

To being, you'll want to make sure your system is set to allow a Staff person to be affiliated to a Role. To do so, navigate to Admin, and choose System Set Up > System Preferences.

Choose the tab called Work, and click the boxes for both Role Rate and Staff Roles. Click Submit to save your changes.

Create the Roles

Create the Roles

Now you'll want to create and name the different Roles in your agency. From the Admin menu, choose System Set Up > List Maintenance.

Pick 'Role' from the left hand side list, which will populate the editable area with any Roles you may have set up already. Use the Add New button to create new Roles. Click Save to keep your changes.

Please note that "No Role" is required in your system, but does not need to be associated to any of your staff.

Associate Staff to Role

Next, you can associate each of your Staff members to one of your newly forged Roles. Go again to the Admin menu, and choose Rate and Staff Management > Staff, Staff Rates and Permissions.

You will see that Roles has its own column, and any currently associated Roles. Click on the name of the staff member you wish to associate to a Role.

In the Edit Staff Edit screen, select a Role from the drop down list. Click Submit to save your changes.

All done!

Your Staff are now set to use Role Rates, you'll just need to determine and set those values across your Roles - learn more here: Setting up Role Rates

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