Handling Retainer Work - Simply Structured

We often recommend that clients make use of the Projects module in fp. to handle their retainer work. There may be scenarios though, where you can manage your retainer without the inclusion of a project.

Please review this article to learn a more simply structured method for managing retainer work.

Here's our scenario - our agency provides SEO services to a client each month, for a cost of $1000 per month. To set this up In our fp. system, we just need to hover over ESTIMATES in the main navigation bar, and click Add Estimate.

Fill in your estimate per usual, looking out for a few key fields:

1) Give the estimate a suitable name.

2) Choose a suitable estimate type. Content of this drop down menu can be changed via List Maintenance.

3) Put in the date until which you know or anticipate you'll be performing this monthly service.

4) Select the appropriate hourly service.

Click Submit when ready.

Use the Override $ field to enter the amount you're going to charge the client each month - in this case, $1000. Click Save when ready.

Assuming the client has signed off on, or agreed to this work, mark the estimate as Approved, and click Add Job to turn this estimate into live work.

Now back on the Dashboard, staff can track time to the SEO service bucket as they work on this job, month over month.

And as staff track time, you will see these actuals accumulate on the Job Financials tab. And to easily see how profitable this job was month over month, you can filter the job financials by any date range.

And invoicing would also be easy, as we can just invoice each month by the estimated value. When we click the Add Invoice button from the Job Details page, we choose "Estimated" in the Calculate From field. Hit Create when ready.

Our invoice is immediately and nice and neat $1000, and the invoice can even be sent directly to the client from the fp. system, using the Notify Client button. Repeat this same process next month.

Be encouraged to review these other ways in which to manage your retainer work: Handling Retainer Work - By Month; Handling Retainer Work - By Year

And we welcome your questions or concerns: support@functionpoint.com


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