Using the Add Link Feature

On Company, Project and Jobs, you may see the "Add Link" button in the top right of the page. Please review this article to learn about how this feature works, and how you can use it.

How to show the Add Link option

The availability of the Add Link button, is determined by an fp. user's permissions.  You can choose to not display the Add Link button at all, by deselecting all the it at the permission group level, or choose link related permissions on a more granular level - for example, letting your users add links, but not delete them.

You can determine these permissions either user by user, or via permission sets you create. To learn more about permissions and permission sets, please review this article: Manage Permissions/ Permission Sets

Setup Link Options

Setup Link Options

There is no right or wrong way to make use of this feature. And there is no limit to the number of links you associate to a Company, Project or Job.  Links you enter against a Project or Job, can also be marked as visible for your fp. Portal users, should you be using that feature.

Here's how you might wish to begin - think about the kinds of links you might want to refer to. Websites? Documents stored in third party tools (ie. Dropbox)? Images found online?

When you have your Link options in mind, navigate to Admin > System Set Up > List Maintenance.

From the left, choose the list called Link Source. This will populate the editable area on the right. Add or edit your Link Source options as you wish, and click Save to keep any changes you make.

Where the Add Link Option Shows

You will see the option to add a Link, as well as a Links tab on any Company record.

As well as on any Project record.

And any Job record.

Add a Link

No matter to which level (Company, Project or Job) you add the Link, the actions are the same. Begin by hovering over the Add New menu, and choosing Link.

The Add Link modal will open. There is only one required field, marked in blue:

  1. Choose the Source of the Link from the dropdown menu created in List Maintenance.
  2. Add the Link itself.
  3. Enter any Description.

Click Submit when ready.

The new Link is now stored under the tab of the same name. Use the pencil icon to edit, or the X icon to delete.

Follow the same steps to add more links to Companies, Projects and Jobs in your system.

We hope you'll find the Add Link option to be useful and flexible. And we welcome your questions or concerns:


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