Finding & Reporting on Project Health

Creating Projects can be an excellent way to organize work in your fp. system. But how should can you easily see the financial health of your Project? Please review this article to learn our recommended steps, and click the iink below to learn more about the Project creation process:

Adding Projects

See Information Overview

Once a Project is created, there are a few places on that project to get an idea of its financial health. Here on the Basic Info tab, I can see the Project Budget, and totals for Estimated, Actual and Invoiced amounts.

And on the Job Financials tab, you can also get a decent overview of estimated, actual and invoiced amounts across the jobs within the project.

Click the arrowhead on the left of any job name to see further details.

You can also use the on screen filter feature, to adjust the data on screen, based on the dates you enter.

See Detailed Information

Let's pull more detailed information for this particular Project. From the main navigation bar, choose Jobs > Find Job.

Enter the Project Code, or all or part of the Project Name. Click Find Jobs.

We'll get a list view of our results. The list view may not include all the information we need or want to see though. Click Manage Columns.

Choose to add or remove fields from both the Standard and Advanced tab. In the lower part of the window, drag and drop columns into the order of your choosing.

Click Save Columns when ready.

Go back to Manage Columns to make further tweaks as needed.

Report on Details

From the Job List View, choose the Print button.

A PDF report will generate, totalling appropriate values for you in the last row.

Alternately - Also from the Job List View, choose the CSV button. From here, you can push all the data related to these Jobs to a .csv report (best opened using Excel), or just push the on-screen data for these Jobs to a  .csv report (best opened using Excel).

Once the data is exported, it can be readily manipulated as needed, and used for reporting.

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