Project Financials

Work related financial information at the project level, can provide a view into time tracked and invoiced amounts vs. budget.

Please review this article, to learn what you can glean from this system module.

On the Project Itself

On any Project page, on the Basic Info tab, you will be able to see a high level overview of the project numbers including:

  • Budget:  The value for the overall Project budget.  
  • Estimate Totals: The cumulative value of all the active Estimates on the project that are in the Estimate Status of In Review, Submitted or Approved.
  • Actual Totals:  The cumulative value of timesheets and/ or external expenses against all the Jobs on the Project that are not of a Job Status of Cancelled.   
  • Invoice Totals:  The cumulative value of the subtotal field of all Invoices against the Project.

On the Project Level Job Financials Tab

From the tab Job Financials you will be able to see a summation of hours (h*) for the Estimated and Actual values by Job.  Use the arrows on the far left to drill into any Job for further detail.

To further filter the content on this page, use the Start Date and End Date fields. This will filter the Actuals based on the chosen time frame.

  1. Enter a Start Date
  2. Enter an End Date
  3. Click Filter by Date

See above, how my filtering by the first few days in April has significantly changed the Actuals. Delete the dates out, or navigate away from this page to go back to seeing all data.

Through a Job Find Routine

Through a Job Find Routine

To see even more detail on a Project's health, the Job Find Routine is the best bet. From the main navigation bar, choose Jobs > Find Job.

Enter the Project Code, or all or part of the Project Name. Click Find Jobs.

We'll get a list view of our results. The list view may not include all the information we need or want to see though. Click Manage Columns.

Choose to add or remove fields from both the Standard and Advanced tab. In the lower part of the window, drag and drop columns into the order of your choosing.

Click Save Columns when ready.

Go back to Manage Columns to make further tweaks as needed.

Report on from the Job View

From the Job List View, choose the Print button.

A PDF report will generate, totalling appropriate values for you in the last row.

Alternately - Also from the Job List View, choose the CSV button. From here, you can push all the data related to these Jobs to a .csv report (best opened using Excel), or just push the on-screen data for these Jobs to a  .csv report (best opened using Excel).

Once the data is exported, it can be readily manipulated as needed, and used for reporting.

We welcome your questions or concerns about your project level financials:


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