Adding Projects

The Projects module is a great way to organize several jobs for one client within your system. We also regularly see the Projects module used for handling retainer work. Think of Projects like a file folder, where all your estimates, jobs, and job financials can live, and be easily referred back to.

Please review this article to learn how to add a project to your FP system.

Create the Project

From the main navigation bar, hover over the Projects module and choose Add Project.

You can also be able to add a Project from any Company page, via the Add New button.

Add Details

Once you are on an Add Project page, you will need to fill in some details. Required fields are marked in blue, all other fields are optional.

  1. Give your Project a name. This can be anything you like, but should be a decent description of the work being planned.
  2. Enter what the budget will be for this project should you know it.
  3. Optionally choose one of your AEs as the AE for this Project. Note that if you pick someone here, they will also be locked in as the AE on any Estimate/ Job you add to this Project.
  4. Choose the company you are doing this work for, and (optionally) enter a description of the work.
  5. Give the Project a Code. You have a maximum of 16 characters. If the code has been used before, the system will highlight the field in pink, and ask you to pick a different code. The code will be used on other system pages, where there is not enough screen real estate to display the entire project name.
  6. Select an appropriate Project Type from the drop down menu.
  7. You will also need to select a status. Please see more information on statuses below.

Click Submit when done.

A Note on Project Statuses

Your FP system will come with 4 pre-created statuses: Preliminary, Open, Complete & Cancelled.

  • If you want to associate existing Estimates/ Jobs back to a Project you create, that Project must be in a status of Open
  • You can add Estimates/ Jobs directly from a Project regardless of Project Status
  • Any new Project Status you create in List Maintenance, will operate like the status of Open

Build Out From the Project

The Project is now created. As you add Briefs, Schedules, Estimates, Jobs, etc. to this Project, they will organize themselves within the tabs here. There is no limit to the number of each of these you can associate to the project.

Use the Add New button, to easily add work to this Project.

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