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Modify the Staff Task Assignment Report Content & Printout

Under the Reports module of your FP system, you can find the Staff Task Assignment report. Some of the layout and content of this report can be controlled by you through the Print Preferences module.

Please review this article to learn how to modify this report & printout yourself.

Access this report via the Reports module, and the Task tab. Please note the Reports module is permission based, and that you should speak to your in house FP Administrator if you need to get access to this area of the system.

Use this report to generate an on-screen list view of Tasks, and the Assignee staff member. Narrow down your search by a variety of parameters, including by Company, Project and/or Job. You will need to select at least one Job Status, and one Task Status for the report to work.

The default settings on the report will provide you with some good insight into active tasks on active jobs.

To make changes to what is displayed, navigate to the Admin Area and choose System Set Up > Printing Preferences.

From the Standard Printouts tab, scroll down to the Staff Task Assignment row. On the right hand side, click to make a copy of this report.

Click Create. You will be able to make customizations to the copy.

An Edit Printout will open. Here, you will be able to navigate through a series of printout block types (left column) and make your changes. Change the name of this copy as you wish - this name will only show here in the Printing Preferences area.

When you are done making any changes, you can just use your mouse to click into the next block type. Changes will save as you go.

Should you not want the content of a particular block type to show at all, just de-select the related tick box.

Preview the look of the printout anytime during this process. When you are done making all of your changes, click either Save Draft (and then Close), or Approve & Publish. Clicking Approve & Publish will mean this version of the printout will be available immediately.

Because I chose to Approve & Publish, this new printout shows under the My Printouts tab. At any time I can make further edits as needed. And the new printout I've created will be the one used when I next go to generate this Task related Report.

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