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Add a Printout - Multi-Job Single Invoice Printout

Your fp. system will include the ability to print anything from company information to purchase orders, using our standard, built-in printout layouts. However, you do have the ability to control much of what these printouts show, as well as the ability to brand these printouts with your own corporate look.

With Function Point, you can invoice several Jobs at one time. There are 2 ways in which this can occur: Batch Invoicing or Multi-Job Single Invoicing.

  • Batch Invoicing: The creation of several stand-alone invoices, which might be for different companies and jobs.
  • Multi-Job Single Invoicing: The creation of one invoice for one company, for multiple jobs.

Batch Invoices print up on the single Invoice printout, that you can learn about configuring here: Add a Printout - Invoice

In this article, we'll review how to configure a Multi-Job Single Invoice printout, which is used when you are invoicing one Company, for several Jobs at one time.

Accessing the Printout Area

Accessing the Printout Area

From the Admin menu, choose System Set Up >  Printing Preferences.

The Printing Preferences area is made up of a series of tabs. On the Standard Printouts tab, you will see a list of all the printouts available for configuration. A "Y" beside the printout name, means that the standard version of the printout(aka the version that comes with your system) is being used. An "N" beside the printout name means that either a copy of the standard version, and/ or a configured version of the printout is in use.

From the Standard tab you can also:

  1. Preview or Copy any of the Standard Printouts.
  2. Choose to edit or delete/ change the logo on file. This logo will appear on Standard Printouts by default.
  3. Navigate to the My Printouts tab to see your configured printouts or create new ones.
  4. Set up Branding Templates - learn more about that here.

Create a New Printout

Navigate to the My Printouts tab and chose Add Printout.

An Add Printout screen will appear. Required fields are marked in blue.

Begin by naming the printout, and then selecting the kind of printout you wish to create. The Printout Type dropdown menu will show you the same printouts listed on the Standard Printouts tab, which is the complete list of available printouts.

For this example, we'll choose Invoice Multi-Job (Printout).

  1. Optionally input a description. This will not show when the printout is used, but may serve to help your team members pick this printout appropriately.
  2. Optionally associate a Brand Template to this Printout. Please review this article to learn about Adding a Brand Template.
  3. Click Save & Next when ready.

Configure the Printout

You will now see a series of printout block types. The block type names, and what is available as configurable options will vary between printouts. Because we are making a Multi-Job Invoice printout, we are seeing blocks related to that specific printout.

Here in the Multi-Job Header block type, we can pick a header layout (ie. Header Reversal, Header Classic), as well as decide what information we wish to show ie. Show Client Address, or Show Logo.

As you make choices or changes per block, the screen above will change accordingly. And at any time, you can click the Preview button, to see how a sample version of the printout is taking shape.

Use your mouse to move from block type to block type. Some block types will include lots of selectable options, others with few or none.

This particular printout gives you the option to print a couple of different reports along with the Multi-Job Single Invoice - the Expanded Summary and the Status Report. To not have these reports included in the printout, or just to not show any portion of them, simply un-tick the associated tick box(es).

Changes you make will save as you go.

When you are done making all of your changes, click Approve & Publish.

The system will ask you to confirm your selection. Click Submit.

The newly created printout will now be stored under the My Printouts tab. It can be previewed, edited, copied or deleted at anytime. You can also simply un-check the Enabled box, if you wish to keep the record of this printout, but no longer use it.

Use the Printout

When printing a Multi-Job Single invoice, you will see this newly created printout (and any others you have made) as an option. If this is the only enabled version of this printout, it will be the default option used.

What Differentiates the Multi-Job Printout from Multi-Job Expanded Printout?

There are 2 Multi-Job related printouts, but what's the difference you ask?

It all comes down to the block type called Multi-Job Details.

Above, on the Invoice Multi-Job (Printout) the details block type gives us a nice variety of selectable options including "Show Terms" and "Show Office Tax Numbers."

But on the same block type for the Invoice Multi-Job Expanded (Printout) we have even more options - mostly related to the service and expense level of an invoice.

Select and configure whichever version of this printout is best for your organization. You can have up to three of each type set as enabled for your agency at no cost.

Important Note - Standard Printouts

Once you create a new version of one of the standard printouts, that standard version becomes inactive. On the Standards Printouts tab, you will see an "N" for any standard printouts that are no longer enabled. To make the standard version available again you have 2 options:

i) Disable any "My Printouts" version(s) of the standard printout. (Done by un-checking the Enabled box for those printouts under the My Printouts tab).

ii) Make a copy of the standard printout. This is a quick process, and can be learned about here: Re-Enable & Copy a Standard Printout

Need to learn about a different kind of printout? Be encouraged to review other articles in this chapter for specific steps on creating other kinds of printouts: Printouts in fp.

Be advised that you can have up to 3 custom printouts enabled for each printout type, per Office, and 3 brand templates enabled per Office.

For an additional $49 per month, fp.PrintPlus will increase your limit to 8 enabled custom printouts per printout type, and up to 12 enabled custom brand templates.

To upgrade to fp.PrintPlus or to address other system concerns, please reach out to us via email:


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