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Don't Want to See Page Numbers on a Print Out? - Turn Them Off!

We often hear from our users about the page numbers that display by default on many of the client-facing and internal use printouts from fp. There is a method by which you can hide them.  You just need to create a new version of any printout, and then choose the "Turn off Page Numbering" option. This article will take you through the steps using an Estimate as the example printout.

Alternately, you can choose to upload a blank brand template, which will also be page number free. Learn about that alternate method here: Page Numbers Making You Nuts? - Upload & Use a Blank Brand to Hide Numbering

Let's start with a example. I've created an estimate for my client for some potential work. My numbers have been reviewed, and I'm ready for the client to review it and sign off.

I go up to the top right to generate a Printout. The 2 standard printouts are available.

Although the data on the printout looks fine, I'm not a fan of the page numbers.

Steps to Turn Off Numbers

There are a handful of quick steps to take in order to get page numbers to stop showing.

1) Navigate to the Printing Preferences area

1) Navigate to the Printing Preferences area

From the Admin area, choose System Set Up > Printing Preferences.

2) Copy the Standard Printout

You will land on the Standard Printout tab. Choose the Copy function for the printout you need. In this case, I'm choosing the Estimate (Printout.

Click Create when prompted.

3) Edit the copy of the Printout

Click into the My Printouts area. You'll see the COPY of the standard printout listed. Click the pencil shaped icon to edit the copy of the printout.

Once in edit mode, click "Show Details."

4) Turn off numbering

  1. Choose the "Turn off Page Numbering" option.
  2. Choose to edit any other aspects of the Printout - such as the Printout Name.
  3. Click Approve & Publish to begin using the Printout in your system.

Back on my Estimate, I can see my new Printout option.

And the printout itself is page number free.

We hope you find this article helpful, but welcome your questions or concerns:


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