Add a Printout - The Basics

Your fp. system will include the ability to print anything from company information to invoices, using our standard, built-in printout layouts. However, you do have the ability to control much of what these printouts show, as well as the ability to brand these printouts with your own corporate look.

Please review this article to cover the basics for creating your own printouts. Once you understand the steps to build one, you can apply that same understanding to build any others. And be encouraged to review other articles in this chapter for these same steps but on other types of available printouts: Printouts in fp.

Accessing the Printouts Area

Accessing the Printouts Area

From the Admin menu, choose System Set Up >  Printing Preferences.

You will land on the Standard Printouts tab. The Standard Printout will be marked as Enabled, and used when you generate a printout, unless you create your own.

1) Here you will see a list of all the printouts that exist in the system.

2) You can easily Preview or Copy any of the Standard Printouts.

3) You can also choose to edit or delete/ change the logo on file. This logo will appear on Standard Printouts by default.

Create a Printout

You have 2 methods by which you can generate a printout in your system.

Option 1

Here in Option 1, choose the Copy button for the row of the printout you wish to create. Above, if we're making our own Job Jacket printout, we'll click the Copy button on that row.

The system will confirm your choice. Click Create.

You will then be able to proceed through a series of printout block types - we'll explore these in more detail below.  

Option 2

In Option 2, from either the Standard Printouts, or My Printouts tab, choose the Add Printout button.

You will land on an Add Printout screen. Begin by naming the printout, and then selecting the kind of printout you wish to create. The Printout Type dropdown menu will show you the same printouts listed on the Standard Printouts tab.  Optionally add a description. This will not show when the printout is used, but may serve to help your team members pick this printout appropriately.

Also optionally associate a Brand Template to this Printout. Please review this article to learn about Adding a Brand Template.

Click Save & Next when ready.

Configure the Printout

Let's try making a Jacket. We've clicked Add Printout, and chosen Job Jacket from the dropdown and given the printout a name. You will now see and be able to navigate through a series of printout block types. The block type names, and what you can configurable within them will vary between printouts. Because we are making a Job Jacket printout, we are seeing block types related to that specific printout.

As you make choices or changes per block type on the left, the information on the right will change accordingly. And at any time, you can click the Preview button, to see how a sample version of the printout is taking shape.

Use your mouse to move from block type to block type. Changes you make will save as you go. Should you not want the content of a particular block type to show at all, just de-select its tick box.

When you are done making all of your changes, click Approve & Publish.

The system will ask you to confirm your selection. Click Submit.

The newly created printout will now be stored under the My Printouts tab. It can be previewed, edited, copied or deleted at anytime. You can also simply un-check the Enabled box, if you wish to keep the record of this printout, but no longer use it.

Important Note - Standard Printouts

Once you create a new version of one of the Standard Printouts, that standard version becomes inactive. If you un-check the Enabled box for the printout you created, the standard one will be used by default again.

If you wish to have both your customized printout(s) as well as the standard version available for use, simply make a copy of the standard version. From the Standard Printouts tab, click the Copy button.

Confirm your selection. Click Create.

The system will auto-name this copy to include the word COPY. Change the printout name as you wish.

All the selections within the printout blocks will be those of the original, standard, base system printout. You can simply click Approve & Publish.

You will now see both versions under the My Printouts tab.

And also see both options when you go to print this particular printout in the main part of the system.

Important Note - Number of Printouts

Important Note - Number of Printouts

Be advised that you can have up to 3 custom printouts enabled for each printout type, per Office, and 3 brand templates enabled per Office.

For an additional $49 per month, fp.PrintPlus will increase your limit to 8 enabled custom printouts per printout type, and up to 12 enabled custom brand templates. To upgrade to fp.PrintPlus please reach out via email:

We welcome your questions or concerns:


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