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Managing Prospects Using Follow Up Tasks from Notes

Through your fp. system you can easily enter, store and track interactions with your prospective clients. One nifty feature in the system is the option to create a follow up task for yourself from a note.

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Add Prospect Company & Contact(s)

There's no limit to the number of companies or contacts you add to your system. Here, I have a company added that I have marked with the Company Type of "Prospect."

I also have a certain person at that company, that I'm in touch with during this sales process.

Add a Note to the Contact

Let's say I've had a chat over the phone with my contact, and I want to add a record of that call. From the contact page, click the Add New menu, and choose Note.

You will land on the Add Note page. Here, I can enter in the details of the call. Required fields are marked in blue.

As this note includes an action item, I can use this note as the basis for a self-imposed call to action.

Create Follow Up Task

The prospect wants me to call again next week - so in the Follow-Up Date field I can input a date for next week. And to get this to show up on my Task/ To Do list, I tick the box to "Create Follow Up Task."

Click Submit to save your work.

The saved note can always be edited further, have files added to it, and comments made against it.

Back on my Dashboard, the follow up task appears. As this task is not associated to a Job, it is not a task to which I would track time. However, its appearance here will serve as a reminder to follow up with the prospect.

And depending upon my fp. permissions, I may be able to set myself up to receive an alert if/ when a Task is due tomorrow, today and/ overdue. Your in house fp. Administrator can set alerts up for staff who do not have the required permissions to do so themselves.

Performing the Task

Once you have followed up wth the client, you would probably add a Comment to the Note.

Then from either your Dashboard, or the Task page, you change the status to Confirmed. This will mark the task as closed/ done.

The record of the Note and the Task both are stored in your system, and easily found at the Company level.

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