Creating Note & Email Templates

Once you understand the basics of note creation, you may wish to consider adding Note Templates. These can be a great way to let your team know the kind of information you want gathered, when they are creating a note on a phone conversation, email, meeting and the like.

These templates can also be used with the Estimate and Invoice modules, and the "Notify Client" button(s).  Creating suitable email message templates can be a real time saver if you use this feature to send estimates and invoices directly from your fp. system.

Where the templates are available for use

On any Note Add page, you will see a drop down menu at the top of the page called Template.

You will also see the Template drop down when you use the Notify Client option from an Invoice page.

And the Notify Client option from an Estimate page.

Where to create or edit templates

Where to create or edit templates

Let's learn where these templates live, and how you can go about creating more of them.

From the Admin menu, choose Feature Management > Note and Email Templates.  

You will land on a list view of any templates currently in your system. This page is comprised of a few elements:

  1. If you wish to create a new template, choose the Add Template button from the top right.
  2. To edit a current template, click the pencil icon beside that template.
  3. To delete a current template, click the X icon beside that template.
  4. Use the up/ down arrows to drag/ drop and re-order the template list.

Any changes you make will save as you go.

Add a new template

Let's add a new template to the system for use as a Note Template. From the top right, click Add Template.

A blank Add Template window will appear. Begin by giving the new template a name.

You can then enter data into the Content box. This could be prompts for the user to add information - such as "Tone of call" and/ or a space in which you can make use of the available merge fields on the right.

Simply copy/ paste any of the merge field options into the Content box. These fields will populate when the template is used, and provided the information is available. For example, if you used the merge field for {cellular} but the contact for the note had no cellular number on record, no content would be available to populate this portion of the note.

Merge fields sidebar

Merge fields sidebar

Be advised that adding/ including merge field(s) on the template will determine if that template is available for use when adding a Note to the Company and/ or Contact level(s).

  • If you use the merge fields of company name, company phone, website or csr, then the template will be available for use when adding a note to the Company or Contact levels.
  • If you use the merge fields of first name, last name, title, address line 1, address line 2, city, province, postal/zip, country, extension, direct, cellular, home phone, fax, or email, then the template will only be available for use when adding a note to the Contact level.

Once you are done with your template build, and you want to use it immediately, mark it as Active, and click Submit. If you're not ready to use this template. be sure to still Submit your changes, but un-check the Active box.

Use your new template

I am now on the Company page for a prospective new client. From the Add New menu, I will choose Note.

I can then pick my template from the drop down menu.

The template populates both the Note Title and Note Details fields. I can edit both of these as needed, as well as input the content I'm being prompted to input.

When you are done adding content, click the Submit button. You also have the option to: (1) Change the Note Category; (2) Create a follow-up Task from the Note; (3) Use the Pin to Dashboard feature, to make sure this note gets seen by one or more members of your organization; and (4) Add files that are connected to this Note.

Learn more via these links:

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We hope you'll find this note and email template feature to be helpful and we welcome your questions or concerns:


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