Pinned Notes

On the default layout of your fp. Dashboard, you'll see a tile in the top right called Pinned Notes. Pinned Notes are a nifty way to communicate with your colleagues, and keep them in the loop on your activities.  

Please review this article to learn more about Pinned Notes.

Where to see them

On the Classic Dashboard view, Pinned Notes are in the top right panel. The tile displays the Note Title, and the date it was pinned to your Dashboard.

Use the Add button to be taken to an Add Note page. And use the Refresh button if you want to be sure you're seeing the latest and greatest Pinned Notes available.

Hovering over the Note Title will pop out the note contents, or you can click on the title to be taken to a full screen view of the details. You will also see an Unpin button. Clicking this will remove the Note from this tile view, but the Note will remain in your fp. system.

Create a new Pinned Note

Clicking Add, will bring you to an Add Note page. Required fields are marked in blue:

  1. Optionally choose to base your Note on a pre-built Template. Learn more about making templates here: Creating Note & Email Templates
  2. Give the Note a name, and add in details as you wish. There are some formatting options for the content, including bold, italics, and bullet points.
  3. Associate the Note to a Company in your system, and optionally, a Contact at that Company.
  4. Associate the Note to a Job for that Company.
  5. Assign the Note to a Category. You can determine the options that show here via a section of the system called List Maintenance.
  6. Optionally choose to make this Note into a Follow Up Task, with an associated date and time to do the follow-up. Learn more here about this feature: Managing Prospects Using Follow Up Tasks from Notes
  7. Choose to share this Note with other members of your team by pinning it to their Dashboard.
  8. Upload a File or Files to this Note. Individual files cannot exceed 50Mb in size.

Click Submit when ready.

See who's seen the Note

Once the Note is created, I have a cool tool that is unique to Pinned Notes. From the Note page, click the button called Pin.

From this Pin view, I can see who got sent the Note, if they're read or not read it, and add more people to the pinned list. Click Submit should you add any people from this view.

How else might you use Pinned Notes?

One of my favourite ways to use Pinned Notes, is as a way to keep my colleagues in the loop on what I'm up to, what clients I've communicated with and the like. Say I've had a phone call with a newer client, and they had some questions about a particular module. I'd want to make notes on this call content, and also want to make sure their trainer, or AE was aware of what feedback the client was giving.

In my system, I'd add a Note to this Company, Contact. The Note can be added from the Pinned Note tile, from the main navigation bar, as well as from the Company or Contact levels.

I can input Note content, and then click the Pin to Dashboard tick box.

This opens up the staff list below, where I can choose team members to share this Note to.

Click Submit when done.

We encourage you to use Pinned Notes as a quick and effective way to communicate with your team, and we welcome your questions or concerns:


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