Notes Module Basics

Notes are an awesome way to store records of your emails, phone calls, meetings (and more) with your clients. Please review this article to learn the basics of using the Notes module in your fp. system.

Where Can A Note Be Added?

Notes can be added to:

  • Companies
  • Contacts
  • Jobs

On these pages, you'll see an Add New button, where you can select the Note option, or an Add Note button.

Clients can also add Notes to Jobs through the Client Portal. The fp. Portal is an optional add-on to your fp. system, which may or may not be enabled for your client users.

On Contact tabs, you will also see an Add Note icon, that let's you create a note for that Contact record.

And last but not least, you can also add a Note from hovering over the Notes module in the main navigation bar, and choosing Add Note. If you have looked at any Contact records recently, those names will pop out in a subsequent menu. Pick a name from here, or just click Add Note itself, to go to a blank note page.

Creating a Note

On any Add Note page, you'll have a number of content fields. Required fields are marked in blue:

  1. Optionally choose to base your Note on a pre-built Template. Learn more about making templates here: Creating Note & Email Templates
  2. Give the Note a name, and add in details as you wish. There are some formatting options for the content, including bold, italics, and bullet points.
  3. Associate the Note to a Company in your system, and optionally, a Contact at that Company.
  4. Associate the Note to a Job for that Company.
  5. Assign the Note to a Category. You can determine the options that show here via a section of the system called List Maintenance.
  6. Optionally choose to make this Note into a Follow Up Task, with an associated date and time to do the follow-up. Learn more here about this feature: Managing Prospects Using Follow Up Tasks from Notes
  7. Choose to share this Note with other members of your team by pinning it to their Dashboard. Learn more here about this option: Pinned Notes
  8. Upload a File or Files to this Note. Individual files cannot exceed 50Mb in size.

Click Submit when ready.

Once the Note is created, it will store at the Company level. It will also store at the Contact, and Job level, if you associated a Contact and/ or Job to the Note.

Finding Notes

You can easily search for, find, and create list of Notes in your system. Begin by hovering over the Notes tab, and choosing Find Note.

Narrow down your search using any of the available fields alone, or in combination. When ready, click Find Notes.

From the resulting Note List, you can:

  1. Click on any Note Title to see a detailed view of that Note.
  2. Change the sort order by clicking on any column header. A grey arrow will show by which row(s) you are sorting, and in what order (A > Z; Z > A). Clear the sort with the Clear Sort button.
  3. Click Manage Columns to change the data that appears in the list, and in what order. See further information below.
  4. Print the list as a PDF or export the list as a CSV file (best opened with Excel).

Manage Columns

In the Manage Columns are you can:

  1. Tick/ un-tick any of the available items to have them appear in the list view.
  2. Drag and drop the column headers into the order you prefer.

Click Save Columns when ready. Any changes you make will be stored and used the next time you generate a list view of Notes.

Notes in the Client Portal (Client Side)

If you have the appropriate permission selected for your portal users, they can add a note to an existing Job through the Client Portal.  This Note will then store back in your fp. system, under the appropriate Job, and it's Notes tab.

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