Finding & Editing Notes

Notes are an awesome way to store records of your emails, phone calls, meetings (and more) with your clients. Adding, editing, deleting or commenting on Notes is all user permission based, so please speak to your in-house FP Administrator if you need more access.

Please review this article to learn how to find a note in your FP system and edit it, after it has been created.

The Notes module can be found and accessed via the main navigation bar.

As with most modules in the main navigation bar, you will find 3 options  when hovering over a module name: Find, View and Add. View and Add (if  applicable) will pop out further to show the Notes or Contacts you have navigated to most recently.

Finding Notes

Finding Notes

Notes are an excellent way to keep track of various methods of communication (email. phone etc) between you and any of your FP contacts.  Notes will always be kept within the FP system, and can live under a company, contact or job. If you do not know under which of these the note you need may reside, you can perform a basic (default) note find routine.

Hover over Notes, and choose Find Note.

You can narrow down your Note Find by any available field (above). Hit Find Notes when ready, or just hit Find Notes without entering info into any of the available fields, to see all notes you have in your FP system.

From the resulting Note List, you can:

  1. Change the sort order by clicking on any column header. An arrow will display in the column(s) you are sorting by. Clear the sort with the Clear Sort button.
  2. Click Manage Columns to change the data that appears in the list, and in what order. See more information below.
  3. Click Print to print a PDF of what you see listed on screen. Click CSV to either print an Excel spreadsheet of what you see on screen, OR generate an Excel spreadsheet of all available note related data.
  4. Click on any Note Title to go to the details page for that note
  1. Pick and choose from the Standard note fields, as well as Contact Into related data. Tick an associated box to show on the list view, un-tick to not show.
  2. In the preview of the layout, drag and drop columns into the order you prefer.

Save Columns when ready.

If you make any changes, the list view will immediately update.  Go back to Manage Columns to change your selections or the column order.

Editing Notes

Notes can be edited for their content, as well as for any association to a Company, Contact or Job.

From any Note page, just click the Edit Details button.

All the fields associated to this note are now open - including Company, Contact, Job and Note Details. Click Submit to save your changes. If you move the Note to another Company, Contact or Job, the change will take effect immediately.

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