Setting Staff to Appear as AE in Drop Down Menus

Your fp. system is filled with different kinds of fields, including one to select an Account Executive for a Company, Brief, Project, Estimate and Job. What names show in this drop-down menu is controlled by you, via the Admin area. Selected staff members  will need to be given the AE permission.

Follow the steps in this article to learn how to set a staff member as an AE.

Navigate to the Admin Area

Navigate to the Admin Area

From the Admin menu, choose Rate and Staff Management > Staff, Staff Rates, and Permissions.

Choose the Staff Member

You will land on the Admin Staff List. Click on the Permissions button, for the staff member you need to added to the AE list.

Check the AE Permission

Find the permission group called Administrator. Drill into the permission set by clicking the arrow head shaped icon to the right of the word.

From the list of individual permissions, select the permission called Admin | AE.

Click Submit in the bottom right of the page to save this change.

Please note that this permission only applies to the staff person appearing in the AE drop down menus (such as on the Estimate Add/ Edit page). The staff person does not also get any other permissions or system access along with this selection.

See the Results & Repeat as Needed

Navigate to anywhere in the system where the AE drop down menu appears and you can confirm the change was made successfully. You can repeat the steps above to mark any other team members as AEs in the system.

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