Invoice Approval Routine Scenario

Sending out client invoices is a crucial part of your agency operations. Did you know that there is an option in your fp. system to put invoices through an approval process before they are sent? Please review this article for a walk-through scenario of how one could use this approval routine within an agency.

Turn On the Pre-Approval Setting

From the Admin menu, choose System Set Up > System Preferences.

Choose the tab called Invoice, and tick the boxes to both:

  • Have the default invoice approval setting of Pre-Approved
  • Set the Invoice Approval Routine as "on"

Click Submit when done.

Turn On Invoice Related Alerts

You'll want to make sure the team member who will need to mark invoices as Approved, knows that new invoices have been created, and that the person who sends out Invoices knows when those invoices have been marked as Approved.

Alerts can appear in the top nav bar of your system, and/ or arrive via email. This can be done on the Contact page, on the Subscriptions tab, or via the Admin area. Learn more about setting up alerts here: System Alerts  |  Creating & Managing Alert Sets

Invoice Gets Created

Who creates the invoice may differ at your agency - we often hear that it is the responsibility of the Sales person, or the Project Manager to generate the invoice. Invoices are just created per usual - often from the Job itself from clicking Add New, and choosing Add Invoice.

In our scenario, we're going to generate the invoice at the end of the month, and base it on the value of time and expenses aka Actuals. Click Add Invoice when ready.

The saved Invoice looks normal, but we do now have a tick box for marking this invoice as approved.

And if we try to print this invoice, it displays as being Pre-Approval.

Alert Goes Out

Our accounting person Sandra, gets the alert that a new invoice has been created.

Content Gets Reviewed

Sandra can then login to fp. to ensure the Invoice is accurate. As this Invoice is based on Actuals, it will be important to make sure the timesheet values are correct. This can be done in a couple of ways - by looking at the related Job, under the Financials tab.

Or by finding Timesheets by the Invoice Number.

The bonus of reviewing the timesheets from here, is that you can also Post these timesheets. Posted timesheets can no longer be edited.

Invoice Gets Approved

Our accounting person Sandra now marks the Invoice as Approved.

Alert Goes Out

In this scenario, it is our Office Administrator who sends out approved invoices. Once Sandra approves the Invoice, he receives an alert.

Invoice Gets Sent to the Client

Our Office Admin Bucky can then login to his fp. system to print/ send out the Invoice to the client.

And as an added bonus of the Notify Client feature - which will send the Invoice from fp. to your client invoice contact - is the option to save this as a Note in your system. Use that Note as a record of when the invoice was sent.

Alternately, simply print the invoice as a PDF, and send out by another method of your choosing. Remember that you can create your own versions of printouts, should you wish to configure what gets displayed or add your own branding. Learn more here: Add a Brand Template  |  Add a Printout - Invoice

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