Invoicing Module FAQs

Please find below the 10 most frequently asked questions on our invoicing module.

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1. How do I invoice for Actuals incurred during a specific period of time? Such as the month of August?

When you create an invoice in fp., you are asked to pick a date.  And if you invoice based on Actuals, that date will determine the data that gets included on the invoice. For example, if your invoice date is July 15th, and there is time tracked on July 18th, that time will not be pulled into this invoice. The invoice cut off date was set as the 15th.

If you are in the habit of invoicing monthly, and dating that invoice for the last day of the month, then your monthly invoices should only include the actual values for that month. Alternately, create your invoice based on Actuals, and manually de-select any timesheets or expenses that were pulled in that do not belong to the month you're billing for.

2. I have invoices I've changed in fp. but not changed in QuickBooks. Should the invoice in fp. not be marked as re-post? Didn't it use to do that?

If you've made changes in fp. to an invoice that was synced to QuickBooks, that invoice should change to a status called "Out of Sync." This has replaced the old status of "re-post" you may have seen in the past. If you're not seeing the Out of Sync status, and have saved changes, you may just need to re-load the page. Browser caching may be preventing you from seeing the status change.

3. When would  I use the “Remainder from Actuals” option when creating an invoice?

Selecting Actuals will create an invoice with a value that equals all of the unbilled timesheets and expenses. Selecting Remainder From Actuals will create an invoice with a value that equals the difference between what has been previously invoiced, and the billable value of all the timesheets and expenses.

If you always invoice timesheets and expenses for 100% of their billable value, then selecting Actuals or Remainder From Actuals will result in the same value. However, if you invoice any timesheets or expenses for more or less than their billable value, then the following invoice will have a different value depending on if you select Actuals or Remainder From Actuals.


One timesheet with a value of $100. You invoice it for $50. You then enter another timesheet with a value of $100. You now have 1 billed timesheet (billed for less than it's value) and 1 unbilled timesheet. You then create another invoice. Selecting Actuals will create an invoice for $100 (the value of the unbilled timesheet). Selecting Remainder From Actuals will create an invoice for $150 (the difference between what had been previously invoiced, and the billable value of all timesheets).

4. When I create an invoice and bill from Actuals, I see expenses that I have marked Billed pulling to the Invoice. Why is that?

Some clients use the Billed box on an expense to indicate that they've been billed by the vendor, not that they have billed their client. So expenses marked as Billed will still pull to the Invoice.

5. Why am I getting error codes when I try to invoice?

This is most likely because you are billing to Actuals, and have chosen to enter a combined override total value of those timesheets, rather than the timesheet values themselves. In doing so, the system will have given all the associated timesheets a weighted average. This average likely includes more than 2 decimal places, and has a repeating number (ie. $100.67777777) and that is causing the error.

You will need to reduce the decimal places back down to 2, and try to save the invoice again.

Please note that we do not recommend you adjust timesheet values on the invoice. You would be better advised to amend then rates or timesheets themselves, and then re-create the invoice.

6. Can I change the Batch Invoice and/ or Multi-Job Single Invoice number?

Yes - you can do this, so long as you have a certain System Preference setting. Under Admin > System Set Up > System Preferences, choose the tab called Invoice. Towards the bottom of that page is an option called "Sequential Invoice Numbering." If this option is set to "No", then the Invoice Number will be editable.

The Invoice Number can be edited from the Basic Info tab of the Batch or Multi-Job Single Invoice.

7. We have a client we invoice monthly for a recurring selection of services. Do I need to use a Project? Can I set this up to auto-magically recur?

You can certainly make a job rather than a project, and invoice your client through that job each month for the services you're providing.

You will need to create the invoice each month. At this time, the system does not automate the creation of invoices for you on recurring dates.

8. Why do I see this message when I create an invoice: "Some expenses or services do not have associated accounts."

What's happening is that the system is looking for a connection between a service or expense on that invoice, to your chart of accounts. The invoice will highlight the space from which this information is missing. To prevent this message from coming up again, make sure all your services and expenses are properly mapped correctly under Admin > Integrate Accounting.

9. We are a Canadian company, but we need to send our client an invoice is US Dollars. How do we invoice in US Dollars?

At this time, we're not able to offer to option to invoice in other currencies. Same is true for estimating. You would need to manually calculate the value of the work into US Dollars, and type that into the invoice. You can navigate to Admin > System Set Up > List Maintenance and select the Currency Type list and add "USD" here. You could then generate/ print the invoice to read as being in US Dollars, even though you would have had to manually make that calculation.

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10.  The Status Report that's associated to my Invoice seems to be missing data? What's going on?

Here is a possible reason: the Status Report will only show data for Timesheets that have been included on the particular invoice. If you have not included any Timesheets on this invoice, then the Status Report will have nothing to show.


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