Add an Invoice to an Existing Batch

Batch Invoicing is the creation of several stand-alone invoices at one time. These invoices may or may not be for Jobs of the same or of different companies. Once a Batch is created, you can add another invoice to the batch as needed. To learn how to create a batch invoice, please review this article: Creating a Batch Invoice.

Please review this article to learn how to add an invoice to an existing batch of invoices in your fp. system.  

 Find the Stand Alone Invoice

First, find the invoice you wish to add to the batch in your fp. system. We recommend doing so by hovering over Invoices in the main navigation bar, and choosing Find Invoice.

You will land on the Invoice Find page. Here you can enter any parameters to narrow down your search - perhaps the Job Name, Company Name or Invoice Date. Click Find Invoices when ready.

 Select & Edit

If you end up with more than one result, select the Invoice you want from the list view.

You will land on the Basic Info tab of the selected Invoice. Click the Edit Details button.

 Associate to an Existing Batch

The fields on this tab are now open for editing, including the field called Batch Name. In the Batch Name field, enter the name, or part of the name of the batch you wish to add this invoice to.  The fp. system will then either auto complete the field for you, or give you a list of close match options to choose from.

Once you have the right Batch Name added, click Submit.

Please note: You can only have one Invoice per Job included in a Batch. Were there already an invoice for Job 30368 in the "Multi Co Jobs Batch", then we would not be able to find that batch by Batch Name.

Our Invoice now has a Batch tab, under which we can see the other Invoices within this Batch. These invoices can be printed, sent to invoice contacts via the fp. system, posted and exported as needed.

Side Note on Batch Invoicing Options

You might have noticed that there is an option when editing a stand alone invoice to associate it to an Existing Batch (as we did above) or a New Batch. If you choose the New option, you will be able to add a Batch Name, and save your changes. This invoice will then become the first invoice within this newly created Batch.

Disassociate an Invoice From a Batch

Should you need to remove an Invoice from a Batch, begin by finding that Invoice in your system. From the Basic Info tab of that Invoice, click Edit Details.

Select and delete the Batch Name, and click Submit.

The Invoice is now back to being stand-alone.

Batch Invoicing is a flexible way in which you can create multiple stand-alone invoices, for one or more company at a time. We hope you'll find this to be a useful tool in your fp. arsenal.

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