Creating a Batch of Invoices

With Function Point, you can invoice several Jobs at one time. There are 2 ways in which this can occur: Batch Invoicing or Multi-Job Single Invoicing.

  • Batch Invoicing: The creation of several stand-alone invoices, which might be for different companies and jobs.
  • Multi-Job Single Invoicing: The creation of one invoice for one company, for multiple jobs.

Please refer to this article to learn about Batch Invoicing, and click the link to learn about Multi-Job Single Invoicing: Creating Multi-Job Single Invoices

Batch Invoice Parameters

Batch Invoice Parameters

Using a Batch, can be a quick method for creating several invoices at one time. In this article we'll review how to create a Batch from the Company level, Project level, and Job Find list view.

Batch Invoice from the Company Level

For any Company that you have done work for, you can add a Batch Invoice at the Company level. To see Jobs at the Company level, just look under the Jobs tab for that Company.

From the Add New button, choose Invoice.

You will land on the Add Invoice page. Required fields are marked in blue.

  1. Choose to make this Batch up of Interim, or Final Invoice(s). Note that making the Invoices Final will in turn close all the Jobs included in the Batch, and prevent further time-tracking. Note that if you choose the Deposit option, you will no longer be making a batch invoice. Also note that we do not advise that you use Deposit invoices unless you practice accrual accounting.
  2. Choose the Multiple Invoices in a Batch option.
  3. Enter a Batch Name of your choosing. If you will be adding Batch Invoices regularly, and want to be able to easily find them and identify them again easily, you might want to establish a company-wide naming convention.
  4. Choose to change the date that should appear on the Batch Invoice. Changing the date may influence the data that pulls to the Batch.
  5. Determine what the invoice values are calculated from - Estimated values, Actual values, Remainder from Actuals, or Remainder from Estimated.
  6. Choose to enter a percentage of the "calculated from" field to use on the Invoice - for example type in "50" to charge 50% of the Estimated amounts.
  7. Choose an applicable Tax Group as needed.

Click Add Invoice when ready.

You will move to the Add Batch Wizard. The one required field is marked in blue. On this first page, you can make adjustments to information such as the Batch Name, add in any Payment Notes, Payment Terms, or change/ add a Batch Description.

When ready, click the Add Jobs to Batch button.

You can now choose to Add All Jobs to the Batch - with the Add All button - or just a selection of Jobs - with the "+" icons on each job row. Hover over the "+" icon for each row, to see what may need invoicing on this Job.

Please note: When pulling Jobs into the Batch Wizard for invoicing, the system will only select Jobs in an active state. Jobs that are in statuses of Closed or Completed, for example, would not pull to the Batch Wizard.

As you add Invoices, you will see the option to edit these Invoices individually (pencil icon) or remove them from the Batch (X icon). Click Finish Adding to Batch when ready.

The Batch has now been created. You will land on the Basic Info tab for the first Invoice within the Batch. Edit any data here as needed, or move to the Batch tab to view and edit other Invoices within the Batch.

Choose to Post and Export the invoices as a Batch or individually.

Batch Invoice from the Project Level

For any Company you have created a Project for, you can also Batch Invoice. To see Jobs at the Project level, just look under the Jobs tab for that Project.

From the Add New button, choose Invoice. You will then follow along the same Add Batch Wizard as we did above for the Company level.

Batch Invoice from the Job Find List View

Batch Invoicing allows you to create several invoices at one time, for the same as well as for different Companies. The way in which you can batch for different companies is via the Job Find list view.

To begin, from the main navigation bar choose Jobs > Find Job.

On the resulting Job Find page, narrow down your search through the use of any of the available fields. Perhaps you want to only get a list of jobs for a for a certain AE, for a certain Job Status, for a certain Rate, or within a certain time frame.  

When you are done making any selections, click Find Jobs.

From the resulting list of Jobs, click the Add Invoice button.

You will land in the Add Batch Invoice page. You will need to fill in required fields as we did for batches at the Company and Project levels including:

  • Invoice type (noting that Final Invoices also make the Job Closed)
  • Creating a Batch Name
  • Picking an invoice date
  • Choosing from what value the invoices should calculate
  • Optionally entering a billing percentage
  • Optionally associating taxes

The only difference here is that we do not have the option to create an "all in one" invoice, because these jobs are for a mix of client companies.

Click Add Batch Invoice to proceed to the Add Batch Wizard.

Printing Up the Batch

Because a Batch is made up of individual invoices, you may wish to print each one to send to your clients, and/ or for your own records. The fastest method for printing is via the Invoices module. From the main navigation bar choose Invoices > Find Invoice.

Begin to enter the name of the batch into the Batch Name field. The system will complete the name for you, or provide you with suitable options to choose from. Click Find Invoices when ready.

From the resulting list view, there is a Print All option. If you have created your own versions of the single Invoice printout, those options will be available to choose from here.

The series of PDFs will download as a .zip file to your machine.

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