How to Upgrade to V3.0 of Accountant from V2.9

With a goal of improving security to this service, we are asking all users to ugrade to the latest version of the QuickBooks Desktop Integration.

Please review this article to learn the steps to uninstall version 2.9, and install version 3.0.

Uninstall V2.9

1. Click on the Start icon and choose Settings.

2. From the resulting menu choose System.


3, From your list of Apps & features, find "fp.Accountant" and choose to Uninstall.


4. And when prompted to allow changes, please click Yes.

You've now successfully removed the older version, and can proceed to install the latest version.

Install V3.0

1. Begin by going to and click to download the new version. Note that because your integration is already enabled, you can ignore the direction asking you to contact Support before downloading.

2. Once the download is complete, navigate to the file and double click to begin the install.

3. The install wizard will prompt you through a handful of steps including selecting where the program should install on your machine. Follow the steps until you get to the Installation Complete screen. Click Close.

All done!

You're now all set to be using the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop Integration. Please contact us with any questions or concerns:


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