Invoicing to a Different Company

Creating and sending Invoices is a pretty integral part of the fp. system for most of our users. We do hear though, that situations arise where the agency needs to send the Invoice out to a different Company, not the same Company you made the Estimate and Job for.

We also hear of scenarios where an Invoice is created, only to then realize you have an out-of-date Company contact address on file.

In this article we'll review how you can handle both these situations. Please keep reading to learn more.

Add the Alternate Company & Contact Person

In order to Invoice to a different Company, you will need to both that Company record in your system, an associated Contact for that Company, and then just mark that person as a Contact for the Job.

If the Company/ Contact you need to Invoice is not already in your system, add them in. This can be done quite quickly, by hovering over Companies in the main navigation bar, and choosing Add Company. Once the Company is in place, you can add the Contact.

Refer to this article if you need more detailed steps: Adding Companies and Contacts

Add the Contact to the Job

Navigate to the Job you're wanting to Invoice to this other Company. Click on the tab called Contacts.

From the Contacts tab, click Manage Job Contacts.

  1. Enter all or some of the Company and/ or Contact name.
  2. Click Search.

3.    Tick the name or names of anyone you wish to make a Contact on this Job. There is no limit to the number of Contacts you add, or to which Company they belong.  Click Submit when ready.

Create the Invoice

With your Contacts all set, you can now add the Invoice. From the Job page, choose the Add New button, and select Add Invoice.

When you click Add Invoice, you will move to a new screen. Here you can make some choices about the Invoice, before it is created:

  1. At the top of the screen you will see your Job name and number. This will be repeated as the Invoice Name. Through a setting in your Admin area, you can open this field to be a name/ number of your choosing when you create an Invoice, or have this field be locked down .
  2. Choose your Invoice Type. An Interim invoice is any that needs to be sent during the job, a Final invoice is the last invoice for a job, and will in turn move the job to an inactive (can no longer have time tracked, or task statuses changed) status. To learn about Deposit invoices, please review this article: Creating Deposit Invoices
  3. By default, the Invoice Date will be the date you create the invoice. Type in another date of your choosing, or select the date from the calendar widget.
  4. View a summary of what internal services (timesheets), internal expenses or external expenses have yet to be invoiced for this job, and for the date you selected above. If you change this Invoice Date, the information here can change as well.
  5. From this drop down menu choose to calculate the invoice total based on the Actual values, Estimated values, Remainder from Actual values, Remainder from Estimated values or None (to have the Invoice amount fields to be blank and all values entered manually).
  6. Enter a percentage from which to calculate the invoice. For example, enter 50, for 50% of the calculate from value you selected above. Note that if you leave this field blank, the system will assume you mean to invoice 100% of the value.
  7. Choose from your available Tax Group(s) as needed. To learn about adding taxes in the fp. system, please review this article: Setting Up Taxes

Click Add Invoice when ready. And to learn more detailed steps about creating and adjusting the Invoice content, please review this article: Creating Interim & Final Invoices - Basic Steps

Edit the Invoice

Once the Invoice is created, you can edit the Company the Invoice is associated to. From the Basic Info tab of the Invoice, click Edit Details.

The fields on this page are now open for editing. Choose the dropdown menu on the field called Company - you will see all the Companies associated to the Job, based on the Contacts tab of that Job. Here, I'll choose the Company/ Contact I added in the earlier step. I can also choose to add in the Contact from this Company - this is an important step if you want to send this Invoice out via the fp. system.

Click Submit to save any changes.

When I print this Invoice, or send it via fp., it will show as being addressed to the alternate Company.

The Invoice is still stored with the Job for the original Company, and reflected in the Job Financials. All we have done is set the address on the Invoice to another organization.

Alternately - Edit the Invoice

If you already have an Invoice in place for a Job, but need to address it to another Company, you can follow most of the steps above.

  1. Make sure the alternate Company/ Contact exist in your fp. system.
  2. Edit the Job Contacts and add this alternate Company/ Contact to the Job.
  3. Navigate to the existing Invoice, and to the Basic Info tab.
  4. Click Edit Details, and change the Company or Company and Contact to the alternate one.

Save your changes, and print/ send out for payment.

Updating an Invoice  - When the Company Address has Changed Since the Invoice was Made

Let's look at another scenario - you've created an Invoice, but now find out the address for the client Company is out of date. How can you get the Invoice to show the new address?

Begin by going to this Company record in your system. Click the Edit Details button.

Input the new address information, and click Submit to save your changes.

Navigate back to the Invoice, and the Basic Info tab. Click Edit Details.

Select your Office, or any other Company that shows in the Company dropdown and click Submit.

Click Edit Details again, and re-select the client Company. Again click Submit.

What the system has now done, is re-pull the client Company address. So when you print this Invoice, the newly updated address is in use. And any future invoices you create, will also use the new address information.

We hope you'll find this information helpful and useful when trying to adjust information on your invoices, and we welcome your questions or concerns:


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