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QuickBooks versions supported for integration using fp. Accountant

Please see below for a run down on QuickBooks versions we can support for integration with the fp. Accountant tool.

*Earlier versions of QuickBooks may work, but we only provide support for 2014 and later versions. Also, QuickBooks Enterprise will only work on the new version of fp.Accountant (which is currently in beta), which is reflected in the chart above. All 2016 versions of QuickBooks may have issues with the current version of fp.Accountant, so for clients that have issues with the sync between QuickBooks and fp. we are "solving" this by getting them on the early beta verson of the new fp.Accountant.

** Intuit does not provide access to the Mac version of QuickBooks for us to provide a meaningful integration. We suggest that Mac users us QuickBooks Online.

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