Syncing an Invoice to QuickBooks with fp. Accountant

Exciting News! Updates have been made to the UI since this document was created. Although the functionality in this article hasn’t changed, the look and feel has, and some elements may have moved

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Please review this article for the steps, along with helpful screen shots, for syncing an invoice in your fp. system over to Quickbooks using the fp. Accountant tool.

1) Find the Invoice in your fp. System

Begin by finding the invoice you need to sync to Quickbooks in your fp. system. Hover over INVOICES in the main navigation bar, and choose Find Invoice.

From the subsequent Invoice Find page, narrow down your search using any of the available fields - commonly we see clients look for all invoices in an Unposted Exported Status, and within an Invoice Date range.

Click the Invoice Number or Name you need from the resulting list view. Depending on what search parameters you entered on the Invoice Find page, you may see just one, or several results.

2) As Needed - Change the Invoice Status

If the invoice is not already in a Posted status, click Post Invoice to move it to a Posted status. Once the invoice is Posted, you can sync it to QuickBooks.

3) Open fp. Accountant & Perform the Sync

From the computer on which fp. Accountant is installed, click the Start menu.

Choose fp. accountant V2.exe from your listed programs.

When fp. Accountant opens, click the Synchronize with fp. button.  The fp. Accountant tool wIll sync all invoices marked as Posted that have not been synced before.

You will see a completed message when the sync is done.

The invoice from fp. is now in your Quickbooks file. Back in fp. the invoice will now be marked as Exported.

Note that you will have the option to make adjustments as required to this invoice within your fp. system, and not have those changes sync to QB when you next run a sync. Use the "Stop QuickBooks Sync" button as needed. You will see this button in fp. on the invoice details page.  

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