Part Two - Installing FP Accountant

Overview:  Please review this article to learn how to prepare for the software installation, and performing the software download/ installation.

This installation may require that your technical support person allow the installation onto your computer.  If you need help we will do our best to assist, but it is our expectation that you have the ability and basic understanding as to how to install new software onto your machine.

1. Login to your FP system and review all of your Invoices and Expenses

Before you begin, you'll want to make sure you do not have any invoices and expenses in a status of Posted, Re-post or Failed Export. If you find any invoices or expenses with these statuses, change them to Unposted. You can re-post them once the initial sync with FP is done.

To find invoices in FP that are set to Posted, Re-post or Failed Export go to the Invoices module in the main navigation bar and choose Find Invoice.  

Search for Invoices by any of these Statuses, and edit any affected Invoices as needed.

Repeat these steps but do so for the Expenses module.

Again just moving any that are affected back to the Unposted status while we do the install.

2. Select the correct Accounting Package

2. Select the correct Accounting Package

We now need to make sure the correct Accounting Package is selected in your system. From the Admin menu, choose System Set Up > Office Preferences.

In the Accounting Package drop down list select "FP Accountant".  If you do not see FP Accountant listed as an available option, we will need to perform a step for you behind the scenes. Please reach out to to get assistance with this step.

Click Submit (bottom right) to save your changes.

3. Download & install the FP Accountant Software

In any browser, navigate to Click "Desktop Integration file" to begin the download.

Please note that if your using Internet Explorer you may get prompted with security warnings.  If you are unable to proceed with the download please use another browser.

Navigate into the dowloaded folder to access the setup file. Double click the install file.

Opening the file will bring up the FP Accountant Setup Wizard.  Click Next when ready.

Choose the folder on your machine to which the FP Accountant program will be installed. Click Next when ready.

Click Next again to begin the installation.

You can keep an eye on your progress bar. The installation should complete within a few moments.

Click the Close button once the install is complete.

4. Complete the Setup Wizard

The installed program has been saved to my desktop. Double click to open.

The FP Accountant Setup Wizard will open. Click Next when ready.

To begin, you'll need to connect FP Accountant to your FP system.

The FP API URL will be auto-filled for you. Type in your Company name, Username and Password - just like you would if you were logging into your FP system. Click Save Credentials when ready.

Now click Sync with FP  You will need to have QuickBooks open in order for this to successfully sync.

4. Enter the location of your QuickBooks File into Function Point

4. Enter the location of your QuickBooks File into Function Point

In QuickBooks open your product information page by selecting the F2 key on your keyboard (If you are using a Mac please select the fn key followed by the F2 key).Alternately, right click on the QB file on your computer and choose Properties, and then the tab called QuickBooks. You will also find the File name there.

Copy this file name for pasting into Function Point.

Back over in Function Point, from the Admin menu,  choose Integrate Accounting > Set QuickBooks File Path.

Here, paste the File Name, and click Save when done.

5. Run the First Sync

5. Run the First Sync

Now you'll want to trigger the initial synchronization between FPAccountant and QuickBooks.  Please make sure QuickBooks is open on your desktop for this step. Important Note - this process can take as little as 5 minutes, to as many as 5 hours, depending on how much data you have in your QuickBooks company file. So before clicking Yes, make sure that you do not need to work in QB or FP for the next while.

Click the Synchronize with FP button to trigger a full sync.

You may see QuickBooks pop up messages asking if you're sure you want to allow access - please click Yes/ Done as needed.

FPAccountant v2 will show in the dialogue box "ok", "Complete" with date and time.

This shows the synchronization has finished and the final configuration can begin. You can now move on to Part Three: Part Three - Final configuration and transferring your first invoice and expense

We welcome your questions or concerns:

Enter the FP URL as above:

The Company, User Name and Password details, should be filled in with the same information you use to login to your FP system. Click Save when ready.


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