fp. Accountant Overview

There are a few steps you'll need to take in order to install, set-up, and begin using the fp. Accountant tool. Please review this article for links to each of those steps.

What is fp. Accountant?

fp. Accountant is QuickBooks (desktop version, QB Pro & QB Premium) compatible software. It is middleware used to transfer information entered in your fp. system, over to Intuit’s QuickBooks for Windows (desktop version, QB Pro & QB Premium) accounting software.  

The software takes posted expenses (aka bills) and invoices, created in Function Point, and moves them seamlessly into QuickBooks (desktop version, QB Pro & QB Premium). After the transfer to QuickBooks, the information can be further adjusted in Function Point, and updated in QuickBooks.  fp.Accountant also transfers invoice payment information from QuickBooks to Function Point.


In order to have a successful deployment of fp accountant you will need to have a laptop or desktop computer running Windows 7 or higher, this can be a Mac computer running Parallels. The file can be stored on the same computer or another location in the office, it cannot be stored on an offsite location. 

Lots of people ask us if we support QB in the cloud, the simple answer is no. We can not support server installations of QB as there are too many issues. If you login remotely, you are using QB in the cloud.

We do support QBOE which is Quickbooks Online, that is the web based version of QB made by intuit. No other types of services by other third party companies are supported.

When in doubt if your setup is supported check:

  1. How do I access QB?
  2. Where is my file?
  3. What version of Windows do I use?
  4. Do I go through a third party company?

Having an understanding of how the Service Groups and Services you are using in Function Point relate to your Items, Chart of Accounts and your financial statements in QuickBooks is essential in accomplishing this integration.  Therefore, it is important to have your accountant or bookkeeper involved with you during this process.  If you are not familiar with QuickBooks, please consult with your QuickBooks Pro Advisor.

There are a number of steps to complete the configuration.  If you are having challenges during the integration we are here to assist.  Please feel free to contact us at: support@functionpoint.com

Let’s get started!

The guide is organized in to 3 parts:

Part One - Ensuring the configuration in both systems is correct

Part Two - Installing fp.Accountant

Part Three - Final configuration

We welcome your questions or concerns: support@functionpoint.com


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