Adding a Job Image

Your fp. system allows you to add and associate files to the Companies you work with, as well as Tasks and Jobs. You can also add a specific Job Image to any Job in the system. Please review this article to learn the steps to add that image.

Go to the Job Page

Navigate to the Job you want to add the Job Image to. Choose the tab on that Job called Files.

Upload the Image File

From the Files tab, choose the Upload File button.

Select the file from your computer, or drag and drop it into the appropriate spot.  Enter any description you would like (not required). The file can be up to 50Mb in size.

Click Done when you're ready.

This file now appears under your Files tab.

Edit the File to Make it the Job Image

Click the pencil icon to edit the File.

From the Edit window, click the box to make this file the Job Image, and click Submit to save this change.

Displaying the Job Image

On the Basic Info tab of this Job, you can now see the Job Image displayed on the right.

You can also choose to Show Job Image on the Invoice Printout for this Job. Look for this option in the Invoice Summary block type of this printout. And learn more detailed steps about customizing your Invoice printout here: Add a Printout - Invoice

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