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Once you've added Jobs to Function Point, you'll likely need to find them again! You will always see your active/ open Jobs on your Dashboard (provided the Jobs panel is part of your dashboard configuration), but the Job Find routine is still very good to know. Please review this article to learn the steps for finding a Job in your fp. system.

Step 1

From your Dashboard, or anywhere in the system, hover over the Jobs module in the main navigation bar and choose Find Job.

Step 2

You are now on the Job Find page.

Option 1: Narrow down the results list to a specific set of criteria related to the Job(s). For example, pick from the drop down list of Account Executives (AE) to see a list of Jobs that person is working on. Or pick from the Job Type drop down, to just see Jobs you've marked as being for Collateral or Web Design. Or pick for a particular Company or selection of Companies. Or pick from the Rate field, to see all the Jobs using your Rush Rate card. Click Find Jobs when ready.

Option 2: Generate a list of ALL the Jobs in your system. Leave all the fields blank, and then hit Find Jobs.

Option 3: Generate a list of all your current work. Leave all the fields blanks, and then hit Find Active.

Step 3

From the resulting Job List, you can:

  1. Change the sort order by clicking on any column header. A grey arrow will mark columns you are sorting by. Clear the sort with the Clear Sort button in the top right.
  2. Click Manage Columns to change the data that appears in the list, and in what order. (More details in next step below.
  3. Click Print to print a PDF of what you see listed on screen.
  4. Click CSV to generate a spreadsheet of either what you see on screen, OR a spreadsheet of all available Job related data. CSV files are best opened using Excel.
  5. Click the report icon to see a list of all the available Job related reports including Job List by Client, Task Report, and Production Report.
  6. Click Batch Invoice Add to generate one or a series of invoices for the listed Jobs. Learn more here: Creating Batch Invoices

Manage Columns

With the Manage Columns feature, you can control what data displays on your screen and in what order. The system will remember your choices the next time you run a Job Find.

  1. Pick and choose from the Standard (which include Company Type, Delivery Date, and Actuals) and Advanced fields (which include Days Open, Invoiced Subtotal, and Estimate Status. Tick an associated box to show on the list view, un-tick to not show.
  2. In the preview of the layout, drag and drop columns into the order you prefer.
  3. Save your changes.

Once you hit Save Columns, the list view will update. Go back to Manage Columns to change your selection. This list layout is only associated to your own log-in, changing these columns will not change your co-worker's systems. 

The Editable List View

On the Job List view, so long as you have the proper permissions, you will see the Editable List View option. This view has 3 columns of editable information -  the Status, Delivery Date, or Date Description of any Job in the list. Click into the field you wish to change, and the change will be saved as you navigate away from each field. This can be a quick way to update the most pertinent information on a series of Jobs.

We welcome your questions or concerns about finding Jobs in your system:


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