Creating an In House Job

Function Point can be used for more than managing your Billable, client related Jobs. You can also use the system to track time for internal work - such as  sick days or business development - really anything that your team should track time to, but will not be client facing, or generate an invoice.  

Please review this article to learn the steps to set up an In House Job in your fp. system.

Put the Service Group & Services that you need into place

Put the Service Group & Services that you need into place

When you create client facing work, you may begin with an Estimate, selecting a combination of Billable Services and expenses needed to get that work done. For an In House job, you'll follow similar steps to create the Job, but before we do that we need to make sure you have suitable Non-Billable Services (and perhaps expenses), set up in your system.

Begin by thinking of all the buckets to which staff will need to put their In House time to.

A simple structure to the Service Group(s) and Services usually works well. You might consider creating a Service Group called "In House", and then organizing your time trackable Services (ie. errand, training, sick day) within that group.

This is all achieved in the Admin area, access to which is permission based. Please review this article for a walk-through of setting up this area of the system: Adding Service Groups & Services

Set the Rates for the In House Services

These In House services will have a zero dollar hourly value aka be Non-Billable. Rather than creating a rate card for In House Jobs, I have made these In House services $0.00 across all my Job level rate cards.

If you use Staff Rates rather than Service Rates, you'll also need to be sure those fields are updated in the Manage Staff Rates area.

Optional Step - Add to the Estimate Type/ Job Type Drop Down Menu

This is an optional step, but one that does help to mark this job as internal. From the Admin menu, choose System Set Up  >  List Maintenance. Select the list called Estimate and Job Type.  Click Add New.

Name the new item something that will make sense for you - In House, Internal, Non-Billable etc.

Click Save when done.

Create the Estimate & Job

We now have all the behind-the-scenes items in place in order to successfully create this In House Job. Let's begin by adding an Estimate. From the main navigation bar, hover over Estimates and choose Add Estimate.

You will land on a blank Add Estimate screen. Required fields are marked in blue:

  1. Give the Estimate a Name. This will become the name of the Job. You may wish to add a year to the name, and create one of these jobs for each fiscal or calendar year.
  2. Pick the Estimate Type from the drop down menu. We added to this menu in the previous step.
  3. Pick your organization as the Company.
  4. Select any rate for this Job. The rate you pick won't really matter, so long as you set rates properly in the Admin area to be $0/ hour.
  5. Optionally add a description. This may help staff users identify this as the Job to which they should be tracking particular hours of time.
  6. If you're making this Job for the calendar year, enter dates here accordingly.
  7. Choose the Service Group/ Services you created in the first step.

Click Submit when done.

You will land on the now created Estimate page. You can input estimated numbers of hours for these Services, especially if you want to compare down the road what amount of time you expect staff to spend on errands per year, to what gets tracked (actuals) at the end of the year. Click Save when ready.

If you want staff to be able to begin using this Job to track time, click Add Job.

Options Step - Add the Team to the Job

Clicking Add Job will take you into the Job page. An optional step is to add your active staff who will be tracking time to this Job as Job Contacts. The benefit of this step happens back at the Dashboard page - if staff members filter content in the Jobs dashboard tile by "My Jobs", then this In House job will then appear in that filtered list.

Click on the tab called Contacts.

Click the Manage Job Contacts button.

From the Staff column on the left, click any or all of your staff members. Click Submit when done.

All of the team members are now listed as Contacts on this Job.

Track Time to Job

From the Classic Dashboard view, the Timesheets and Jobs tile sit side by side. Your layout may look a little different, but the steps should be the same. If you track time by Start/ Stop you will see a slightly different Timesheets tile.

  1. Click the timer icon to populate your timesheet with the Job information.
  2. Input the number of hours you want to track.
  3. Choose the appropriate Service from the drop down menu.
  4. Enter any additional description of the time.
  5. Click Submit to save your time.

Optional Step - Task out sick days & holiday days

As an additional step, you may wish to allocate staff their annual allocation of paid sick day and paid time off hours. You can accomplish this by either adding stand alone Tasks for staff to the In House Job, or adding a Schedule/ Task Tree. Tasking out this kind of time can work well in that as staff track time to these Tasks, it's easy to see what remains available.

Please review this article to learn more specific steps: Best Practice - Managing Staff Holidays & Sick Days

We hope you'll find it useful to have an In House Job in your system for tracking Non-Billable time. We welcome your questions or concerns:


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