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Please review these frequently asked questions, along with their answers, on the Estimates module.

Q: How can I easily see the total value of a group of estimates?

A: From your main navigation bar, hover over Estimates, and choose Find Estimate. From the subsequent Estimate Find screen, narrow down your estimate search however you see fit. Perhaps by virtue of estimates with a status of submitted, or declined, for a certain company.

Note that there is also the More Fields button, which will provide even more options to search estimates by, including declined date(s) or creation date(s).

Hit the Find button (bottom of page) when you're ready to get your search results. The resulting list view can be re-ordered just by clicking the top of any column header. You will know what column(s) are being used to sort by virtue of a grey arrow in the column title.

To see a total value for all the estimates in this list, choose the second icon along the top right. This will generate a PDF of the list, which includes a total value at the bottom of the page.

Q: Do I have to input hours to get an estimate total?

A: Not at all. You can build your estimate total through Role Rates, Staff Rates, or by use of the Override Fields.

Q: What does Delivery Date mean?

A: When creating your estimate, the delivery date will become your job due date, or job delivery date.

Q: At the bottom of some of my estimates I see a button that says Auto Revenue Forecast. Sometimes it doesn't work though. What am I missing?

A: The Auto Revenue Forecast button will appear so long as the estimate has a Delivery (due) Date.

Q:  How do I send an estimate to a client via email?

A: The best way to do this is, once you have the estimate in the .pdf print, to click on the disk icon and save it to a folder on your hard drive or network drive. I have found that using either Ctrl/Cmd-S for a save shortcut does not work in the browser .pdf, nor does File - Save if you are on a PC. Clicking on the disk icon is the best way.

You will then need to send it as an attachment to your client.

You also have an option of auto-sending an e-mail to a client by clicking on the "Notify Client" button on the estimate detail page. This will automatically send a copy of the estimate to the estimate contact. Note that the estimate contact must have an email address in fp. for this button to be lit and available.

The Notify Client pop up window will also give you the option to select which Estimate Printout to use. To learn more about creating custom printouts, please review these articles.

Q: I created the estimate for Company A, but am now told that Company B is the one who needs to approve it. How do I change the estimate to be for Company B?

From there, delete the data in the Company Field. Then enter the name (in whole or partial match) of the company the estimate should be for. Hit the Submit button when your change has been made. The estimate is now under the new company.

Q: In the Estimate set up window how can we add items to the Estimate type?

A: In the ADMIN > System Set Up, click on "List Maintenance", then select the List called "Estimate and Job Type" - you can add or delete items from the Estimate Type drop down menu there. You will need to have the correct permission set to access this area and make changes.

Q:  I’m not sure how to add services to an estimate if I forgot to include them the first time around.

A: Good question, and something we can go over with you if these instructions are at all unclear.  

Find the estimate you wish to change - ask yourself, do you need to keep this yet to be changed version of the estimate? If the estimate is in an Approval Status of "Approved" updating the service groups and services will automatically save a revised version. If in any status other than approved, and you need to keep a revised version, begin by clicking CREATE REVISION. Then, click EDIT SERVICES.


You can now Add or delete Service Groups and/ or Services to your estimate. You can also drag and drop things around to change their order.

Q: I'm having trouble making one of my historical estimates active - can we not do this anymore?

A:  You can make historical estimates active so long as no one has tracked time or put an expense towards what was marked as the active estimate. In other words, if actuals (like time sheets) have been put against the job, (which was based on the active estimate), then the old estimate cannot be activated.



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