Estimate Approval Routine Scenarios

We are regularly asked about the Estimate Approval Statuses, available for use on any Estimate. These statuses include:

  • In Review
  • Submitted
  • Approved
  • Declined

Although there are no hard and fast rules about using these statuses, they can be a helpful way to track where proposed work is sitting within a process - are you still working on the nitty gritty? Is the client looking over the numbers? Has the client signed off on what you propose?

Please review this article for our thoughts on how you can make the Estimate Status a part of your day-to-day use of your fp. system.

When using the fp. Portal as part of your Workflow

If your fp. system is set up to use the fp. Portal feature, it can add another layer to the estimation process.

Without the fp. Portal in your Workflow

Even without the fp. Portal in place, the approval status still has value.

How might this work with different staff members involved?

How might this work with different staff members involved?

This graphic speaks more to how different team members might interact with the Estimate, including the receipt of related alerts. Again though, you're not married to this set of steps, role names or flow.

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