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Send an email notifying clients of their fp. portal log in information

Function Point has added a new feature in the Client Portal tab that will allow you to notify your clients via email of their User Name and Password. The email will also contain a link to your company's fp.portal log in screen.

Here are the steps to use this feature

1. Enable client log in -selecting this tick box will enable the client to access portal

2. User Name -Select a username

3. Password -Select a password

4. Force Reset Password - selecting this tick box will force your client to change their user name and password

5. Submit

After saving the client's permission settings select the "Notify Client" button. This will trigger the automated email to your client (make sure the client's email is correct in the Contact Details page). The email will contain a Link to your fp.portal log in screen and your client's User Name and Password information. It also communicates that your client will need to change their password after logging in.

Clicking on the link will drop your client into your portal log in screen with your Company Name filled in. The client will be required to enter their Username and Password.


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