Finding Expenses

You can use the External Expense feature in fp. to create expense forms, Requests for Quote, Purchase Orders and Insertion Orders. Please review this article to learn how to find an expense in your fp. system after it has been created.

External Expenses

The Expenses module can be found and accessed via the main navigation bar.

Hovering over Expenses will pop out several menus and sub-menus. To find an External Expense, choose External > Find.

On the resulting Find Expense page, you can narrow down your search by any of the available fields, or combination thereof. When you've made your selection(s), click Find External Expenses.

Alternately, to find every External Expense in your system, leave the search fields blank, and just click Find External Expenses.

From the resulting External Expense List, you can:

  1. Change the sort order by clicking on any column header. Grey arrows in up or down positions will show you by which column(s) you are sorting now. Clear the sort with the Clear Sort button in the top right.
  2. Click Manage Columns to change the data that appears in the list, and in what order. See more information below.
  3. Click Print to print a PDF of what you see listed on screen. Click CSV to either print an Excel spreadsheet of what you see on screen, OR generate an Excel spreadsheet of all available external expense related data.
  4. Click Export to batch export these expenses to your accounting program.
  5. Click on any expense date or PO# to go to the details page for that expense, where you can make edits or post/ export as needed.

Clicking into Manage Columns will allow you to change what information displays for you in the list view, and in what order. The system will remember these preferences for you when you search for external expenses again.

  1. Pick and choose from the Standard expense fields, as well as Project, Expense Specific and Other related data. Tick an associated box to show on the list view, un-tick to not show.
  2. In the preview of the layout, drag and drop columns into the order you prefer.

Click Save Columns to save your changes.

Internal Expenses

Follow the same steps when you wish to find any Internal Expenses in your system. Just begin by selecting  Internal > Find, from the Expenses menu in the top navigation bar.

Where else would you see your Expenses?

Expenses that are related to any Job in your system, also store in their own tab for that Job.

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