Create an Estimate Based on Staff or Role

Many of our fp. users structure their Estimates based on the number of hours towards a Service (such as Design or Copywriting), multiplied by the hourly rate for that Service. However, we do have a selection of users who structure the Estimate based on the number of hours specific team members or roles (such as Senior Designer, or Junior Designer) will be working on for a Service. In this article we'll review how to create an Estimate using this Staff or Role based structure.

Before proceeding with building an Estimate in this way, you'll want to make sure your system is properly set-up, and that you have a good understanding of the more common Estimate workflow. Please refer to these articles:

Create the Estimate

Begin the Estimate as usual. Enter all the required content (marked in blue), and any optional content. You will need to pick at least one Service Group and Service or Expense to add the Estimate.

Click Submit when ready.

You will land on the Services tab of the Estimate. Let's say we want to select the Staff who will be working on the Service of Concepts and Mockups. Click the "+" icon on that Service row.

Select Staff for Each Service & Add Estimated Hours

Select a staff member's name. Selecting Johnny above, will then display what Johnny's hourly rate is for the Service of Concepts and Mockups.

Select Role(s) Instead

Alternately, selecting a Role here, rather than a person, would have the same result. The Role of Designer has it's own rate for the same Service.

Now I want to be sure to input the estimated number of hours I think it will take Johnny to work on Concepts and Mockups. These hours multiply by Johnny's rate, and start to build out a total.

What about those Start Date and End Date fields?

There is an option to enter a Start Date as well as an End Date on each row you add to the Estimate by Staff or Role. These fields are completely optional and DO NOT create a Task for this Staff member or any person under the Role.

Should you generate a Schedule off of this Estimate, these dates will carry over, along with the Staff person or Role to the Schedule. Those rows on this Schedule can be used to Task out work to your team.

Click the "+" icon again to add another team member to this Service, and to Estimate the number of hours they would work on this Service.

As you add people (or Roles) you will see the overall rate for this Service change to a blended rate, based on the selected Staff or Roles.

Repeat these steps for the other Services on your Estimate, and Save your work when ready.

Send the Estimate off to your client for review, and move the status of the Estimate to Approved or Declined based on their feedback - as you would for any other Estimate. Click the Add Job button to convert this Estimate into live work, to which Staff can track time, and from which you can Invoice the client.

Change I the number of available staff/ roles per Service?

Change I the number of available staff/ roles per Service?

By default your fp. system is set with a limit of 5 Staff/ Roles per Service row. You can change this number as needed. Navigate to Admin >  System Set Up > System Preferences.

Choose the tab called Work and mid-page is where you can change the default number. Once you make changes to this number, click the Submit button (bottom right of page) to save your changes.

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